Magpies looming already

Sweating furiously, I looked around in every direction. I needed eyes in the back of my head. Was that it up there? No, definitely not. Is that it? Nope, my imagination getting to me again. I started walking slowly again, keeping an eye on the big tree 20m in front of me. WHOOSH! I ducked [Read more]

Damn those Ducks

The Swans have beaten the Blues tumbling them unmercifully out of the 2010 finals series. Just as the second week appearance had been so tantalisingly close against Brisbane in 1009, the Paddington Ducks have again denied the mighty Carlton Football Club at a crack at premiership glory. In truth, the Blues march towards the finals [Read more]

That Sinking Feeling

by Damian Watson Many subscribe to the theory that every heart-filled sports fan occasionally undergoes a feeling which resembles one of it’s favourite team. As the weekend winds down to it’s eventual conclusion on a wet soggy Sunday afternoon in Melbourne, I certainly experienced that feeling. It appeared as if every element surrounding me represented my dull solemn [Read more]

Disaster averted, Swans live to fight another day

by Tom Bally Stormy unnerving winds greeted us on Sunday morning.  Was this some kind of omen?  Were we in for a tempestuous struggle at the notoriously tricky ANZ?  With Tony ‘$450 flight’ Reed unable to join his fellow Enemy commoners at the ground I resorted to phone abuse.  He didn’t agree with my prophecy [Read more]

The View from Shepparton – Finals Week 1

by Peter Schumacher So glad the that the interstate sides got up, keeps the finals more interesting. Could not contain my delight at Fremantle demolishing Hawthorn. Just a reminder again as to how hard it it is to travel interstate and play well. Given though that the Hawks came from nowhere after the first 6 [Read more]

Crio’s Question: Defining Finals Moments

It won’t go away! That free kick paid on Friday joins a legion of defining finals moments. Just to further irk Cats fans, I’ll kick off with Colby’s “mark not paid”.

The Ballad of Dogs and Magpies

The Ballad of Dogs and Magpies by Andrew Gigacz The Magpies won The Bulldogs lost It was to be expected But ’twas a game Of Dogs too tame And needs to be dissected Before the match The pundits said “The Dogs have nought to lose” So you would think With that in mind A “risk [Read more]


WHERE LIFE IMITATES FOOTBALL What a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  First we had the magnificent effort of The Feeling Faints who discounted the price tag The Sleepy Hollow Millionaires had put on their The Pradas.  Then – and how dare they – The Stevedores hosed down any thoughts The Mayblooms had of September [Read more]


Thousands of “impartial” footy fans are parroting that the Cam Mooney “free kick” for “in the back” is a “free kick every day of the week.” I’ve read it in footy forums. I’ve heard it in cafes. I’ve even had “friends” say it. Well, what a load of rubbish.

Floreat Pica Society: 1st Qualfying Final vs Bulldogs

The anticipation is heightened when the teams come out on Thursday. As expected, Josh, and McCarthy are omitted for Leigh Brown and Alan Didak. Conjecture that Goldsack might lose his spot is confirmed as Ben Johnson is named. However Presti is still out, so Nathan Brown keeps his spot. The Bulldogs’ “ins” are worthy – [Read more]

Eade and Eid both have thinking to do.

I hate year twelve. All these expectations, all the pressure and worse all these things we need to know about. Like specific instructions that you must complete form 132, if you are eligible in sections A, B AND G if you want to do this course at this Uni, under these prerequisites, do not help [Read more]

2010 2nd Qualifying Final: Geelong vs. St Kilda

The Saints have attracted a lot of attention this season, most of it for the wrong reasons. But amidst the soap opera of dramas, I think a couple of salient points have been under-estimated Firstly, this is not the St Kilda club we’ve traditionally known. That club often had talent, but was too easily and [Read more]


FOR THE PHILOSOPHICAL MARNGROOK FAN What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  Drugs have been the revolving door this week.  Benny going out & Travis coming in.  The dirge from Coaches’ Carousel swells towards a crescendo as the AFL’s two basket cases try to lure unsuspecting suckers to take them on next season. And [Read more]