Damn those Ducks

The Swans have beaten the Blues tumbling them unmercifully out of the 2010 finals series. Just as the second week appearance had been so tantalisingly close against Brisbane in 1009, the Paddington Ducks have again denied the mighty Carlton Football Club at a crack at premiership glory. In truth, the Blues march towards the finals [Read more]

That Sinking Feeling

by Damian Watson Many subscribe to the theory that every heart-filled sports fan occasionally undergoes a feeling which resembles one of it’s favourite team. As the weekend winds down to it’s eventual conclusion on a wet soggy Sunday afternoon in Melbourne, I certainly experienced that feeling. It appeared as if every element surrounding me represented my dull solemn [Read more]

Disaster averted, Swans live to fight another day

by Tom Bally Stormy unnerving winds greeted us on Sunday morning.  Was this some kind of omen?  Were we in for a tempestuous struggle at the notoriously tricky ANZ?  With Tony ‘$450 flight’ Reed unable to join his fellow Enemy commoners at the ground I resorted to phone abuse.  He didn’t agree with my prophecy [Read more]