Eade and Eid both have thinking to do.

I hate year twelve.

All these expectations, all the pressure and worse all these things we need to know about.

Like specific instructions that you must complete form 132, if you are eligible in sections A, B AND G if you want to do this course at this Uni, under these prerequisites, do not help my pretending to be relaxed attitude. Then try explaining to my dad that not getting into Uni is not the end of the world. He can’t even register the thought of me going to Tafe and has no joke, given me directions of which tram to take to get to Melbourne Uni from our house, that’s right he’s chosen my Uni too. (Well let me tell you that they aren’t even on my preference list, I’m dying to get into La Trobe). To top this all off, my Collingwood boys seem to be playing better than ever and I can only half enjoy it since I’m bogged under all this year 12 confusion!

As everyone else geared up for the excitement of Saturday night footy, all I could think about was the four sacs I have coming up (English, business, literature and history) and practice exams.

The minute I woke up, my eyes still half closed I reached to my right and grabbed my Emma by Jane Austen novel and re-read the first three chapters. Then I got up and revised some Russian history, finally I re-watched one of my media films to refresh it in my mind. The next thing I knew it was footy time and the nerves kicked in.

Channel ten’s promo man should get a raise; I was horrified by the end of it, I even grabbed Pendle-bee bear to protect me.  The truth is I’m scared, really scared. Don’t get me wrong, I’m stoked my boys have made it this far, but…there’s the doubt in the back of my mind from past finals failures, the holes in my heart are still sore, still sensitive, not yet healed. I’m scared of another finals loss, because I don’t know if I can manage it.

And so here I am tonight with a headache thanks to the books, and a feeling of sleepiness. I just want to get back to bed so I don’t even have to see or think about the possibility of a loss.

My fears come to life; we start the game as our critics have labeled us, inaccurate.

Travis, Johnson and Swanny all miss. Pendles gets our first goal

Ball misses, Minson…WTF?

Johnson misses, Reid…WTF? Hall misses.

Swanny goals and proves himself worthy of the Brownlow votes he must have stocked up on.

Then Travis nails an awkward challenging shot. I guess that’s just how he rolls!

Hall’s dribbled attempt is another misfire.


Daisyyyyy!!! Keep em coming fellas!!!

Hahn replies for the Doggies, Lee-Lee misses and Dawesy whacks a poster.

Blair sets up Dawesy who this time gently nudges it home.

LEEE-LEEE!!! YEAHH BABYYY!!! Leroy gets his mojo back.

Prince Higgins scores, Griffen goals- Lol does he even know what a goal is?

And Mick goes nuts, Lol- no comment

Steele kicks out last before Davis also misses.

To start the third term, I overdose on gummy bears as Davis gets on the end of a Swanny set up to kick his first. Gia comes in to keep the Doggies alive.

LEE-LEE, YAYYYYYYYYY!!!! I love LEIGH!!! I really do!!! I just want to give him a BIG CUDDLE!!!!!!!! My Lee-Lee!! HOW CUTEEE!!!

After Swan and Hall get a goal each, Jolly misses but then makes up for it with his first of the night.

*drops pen* ………………Sharrod…Sharrod!!!!…SHARROD????!! OMG…Sharrod please stand up!!!!! Is he breathing!!? Omg, omggg!!!

He hops off supported by trainers and suddenly the happiness has been sucked right outta me.

The final stanza comes after more reading of Emma to get my mind off Sharrod, the talks that he has time to recover relaxes me and im able to get back into the game.

Lee-lee excites me again, this time with a one handed grab! Sadly he’s unable to convert.

Hall kicks…is that a goal? Seriously? Pftt whatever.

My Hill-billy kicks his second- “woohooooo go STEELEEEEEEEEE!!!”

Im not the only one excited by the goal by PENDLE-BEE!!! Eddie is stoked!

Griffen gets another.

ALL HAIL DANE SWAN!! :)  :)  :)

That’s three goals for Swanny, woooooooooooooo!!

DIDAKKK!! Ohhhh Now I’m excited alright!! I love when Dids gets into the action, he’s sooo amazing with the footy, and it’s like MAGIC!!

Caffer? Is he even playing? Seriously? How’d he get a spot? What the hell Mick!!

Prince Higgins seems to be the only Bulldog still running but he looks so tired poor guy.

…DIDAKK!! :)  :)   ;)  :)  :)   ;)  :)  :)   ;)  :)  :)  ;)


Brilliance, Class = Alan Didak.

Put that down on my ‘if I could marry a goal’ list!!!! Woooooooooooooo!!!!

Steele nails the last of the match, I’m feeling bubbly, fuzzy, and a little bit hungry. Atleast now I can get some sleep knowing my boys have a week to rest before business is continued in our mission in September.

About Danielle Eid

Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. Well done Danni

    You need to get your priorities right. You can always do Year 12 again, but a Premiership is forever! :)

    (Just kidding, in case your Dad’s reading).

  2. Danni Danni Danni!!!!!

    YOU’RE IN THE PRELIMS!!!! WOOOT WOOOOT!!! I was down the end Didak got his goal (“If I could marry a goal” – LMBO!!!) it was AWESOME!!!! I seriously felt like a Pies supporter for the night. It was a great game, despite the inaccuracy.

    Anyway, 17.22 is not a bad result. Beamsy and Rusty!!!! (p.s. someone needs to speak to Rusty, get him to drop the seedy mo and resume preseason appearance) :p

  3. 1- LOL JB!!! :) hahah i wish, part of me doesnt want to finish year 12, i dont know how to yet deal without that structure, although i can’t wait to ditch the uniform and see some dudes!!! :P lol

    2- SUSIEEEEEE!!!! :p
    I seriously, id marry that goal, it was so good-looking, gave so much promise! lol
    as for rusty ill slip him a note in his changeroom locker :P

  4. Great work Danni, loved it. You conveyed the emotion perfectly.

    How great is Leigh Brown? He’s a new man in the black and white stripes. I want him back at North :(

    Didak’s goal was magic.

  5. Thanks Josh.
    naww sorry but you should not have let him go, He my Lee-Lee now! i couldnt even last one week without him! he’s one of my favourites!! :)
    He gives us the ‘grr factor’ thats we have been missing since the departures of Malloy, Holland and Licuria. I LOVE LEE-LEE!!
    As for Didak, wow, wow WOW!!!!! <3 HIM!!!

  6. Steve Healy says

    Well written danni it was a very easy win for the Pies against the Dogs, but i think you are a bit too harsh on Griffen, lol not knowing what a goal is. And I think Macaffer has been all right, who do you think should replace him by the way ;)?

  7. Thanks Steve. ;)
    Harsh? Well i felt like i had to do it since a lot of the commentators say stuff like that about my Lee-Lee. Plus im sure Griffen would probably mistake the goal posts for traffic lights or something, he sorta looks, a bit…lost.
    Who should replace Caffer? Obviously you should replace him Steve! *sarcastic face*

  8. Good on you Danni – passionate as ever. I must admit I turned this game off and watched a bit of the James Bond movie.

    If you married the Didak goal would it be in a church or in the gardens?

  9. 8- thanks Dips :)
    lol i hope you atleast saw the goal that i want to marry, id like to get your blessing first :)
    the Wedding will take place in a chapel..in Vegas LOL ;)

  10. Danni – Didak’s goal sounds like it was almost as good as Varcoe’s first goal. lol. (why do my lols always look and sound really awkward?)

  11. Older people saying ‘lol’ looks weird.

    Lol :)

  12. 10- LOL at Dips’ LOLs! :D

  13. Andrew Fithall says

    Dips. Get out of this conversation while you still can. They are turning on you. I am putting myself in grave danger just coming in to try and extricate you. It is not safe. It starts by calling you “weird” and very soon they will refer to you as “pops”. From there….? Get out now.

  14. It’s the full stops, Dips – young people don’t use them anymore :P
    We’ve thrown them away
    Just look at Danni’s last two comments LOL
    One elipsis is as close as she gets to a full stop :P

  15. 13- Lol, no you have it all wrong Mr.Fithall!! i love seeing the wiser folk getting in on GenY speak, its great! :)
    plus id never bag Dips, he’s one of my favs! :)

  16. oohhhh! YAY!! i got comment LEROY!!!;)
    LOVE YA LEROY!!! <3 XOX!!!

  17. Susie i think you’re onto something about the full stop thing.

    sorry, I think you’re onto something about the full stop thing

    AF – I’m out with toupee intact (no full stop)!

  18. Grumpy old men Dips

  19. To all weird, grumpy old pops.

    The older my children get the smarter I become.

  20. hiya Phantom ;)
    glad to see you have stopped trying to convert me. it took ya a while, but you go there in the end :P

  21. Danni,

    I caught up with a cousin of mine last weekend. Smart lad and a successful GP. Looks like an older version of Jack A.

    He suggested I get on the Pies.

    Kama I suppose.

    He said it has always been his ambition to walk through Collingwood the night they win a flag. Do you hire your 5,000 cousins out?

  22. 21- lol older version of Jack? wow, someones lucky! :)
    hahaha lol the cousins are always there, any time any place, theres more dudes than dolls in my fam which seems to be an advantage protection wise. as for hiring them out, one of them is a Dj. :)

  23. Andrew Starkie says

    do your preferences

  24. 23- :) As soon as i get back from Vegas!
    Lol nah in all seriousness, ive booked a careers meeting 2mro to get my choices checked before i send them in, im even bringing my mummy with me lol.
    Do you need any help correcting some essays? ;)

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