The View from Shepparton – Finals Week 1

by Peter Schumacher

So glad the that the interstate sides got up, keeps the finals more interesting.

Could not contain my delight at Fremantle demolishing Hawthorn. Just a reminder again as to how hard it it is to travel interstate and play well.

Given though that the Hawks came from nowhere after the first 6 rounds to get into the finals I thought that  they ended up having a pretty fair season,(although some very respected commentators such as Gerard Whately on the ABC Melbourne, this morning, don’t agree). Hawthorn weren’t helped at all either by injuries to Rioli  and Ellis during the course of the game. Nevertheless it was so fantastic to see Pavlich get great goals at really crucial times during the match. I enjoyed the fact Adam McPhee played well, also. A really important win for the Dockers was the fact that Franklin only kicked two goals. Well done McPharlin. In all honesty though half of these names from Freo are quite unfamiliar to me. One who isn’t is Sandilands, it will be great for the game in general if he is fit and in form next week.

Geelong lost fair and square. The way of their loss was no worse than the way the  Crows went out last year, that is with Jack Anthony being awarded a free against Ben Rutten. It was there OK but it took a courageous umpire to call it against the accumulated emotion of the moment. Same with Gwilt and Mooney. Mooney was in Gwildt’s back, simple as that. Anyway, I reckon that both Selwood and Ablett whilst  being out and out champions stage too much for free kicks. On the other side of the coin, I am unmoved when Milne plays well, in fact I am more than that, I am annoyed as well. I’m sorry Saints fans, it just a Milne thing with me. And to be honest I feel a bit the same about Del Santo. Having said that though they can both play. On the other hand even when he is playing against my mob, or  more  particularly when he is playing against my mob I have nothing but delight when Riewoldt does well. It’s hard to know with the Cats. My feeling is that they are buckling at the knees but all the same they did play a great last half, particularly in the last quarter. St Kilda were clearly too good for them in the fist half. Chappie, Ling and Bartel were really OK for the losers. I should have added that this was a really great game, absolutely pulsating with excitement in the last quarter.

Collingwood were always going to thrash the Bulldogs. The Doggies are out of luck, out of form and most importantly out of fit players, so whilst one can really talk up the Maggies the fact is they won against a side which is going to go out in straight sets next week. Having said that, they did look really good. They present these days a a strong, big, skilled side which is going to be hard to beat. I really liked Cloke’s goal from the boundary, too.

The Carlton Sydney game was a real shrip norter, either side would have been unlucky to lose, in this case it was Carlton. Had Judd’s goal snap in the last quarter not hit the post I reckon that the momentum which would have thus been created would have carried the Blues to an easy win. As it was that tackle of Dennis-Lane on Armfield and the resultant goal was a match winner for the Swans. I reckon that Armfield must have been the victim of “a” no talking on the field, surely he would have hand balled rather than bounced otherwise. He seemed almost not to know of his immediate circumstance. I hope that this game convinced the doubters in Western Sydney that our code is at the very least worth another look. This game was played the way it should have been with players from both sides obviously respecting each other. And Judd’s third quarter was as good as it gets.

For next week I hope that all those kicking for goal from set shots can get somehow get Kurtely Beals’s mental strength. I reckon that that penalty kick as good if not better than that of John Eales all of those years ago on his game winning penalty goal in extra time against the All Blacks at West Pac Stadium in Wellington in 2000,

Finally, Carn Freo and Sydney next weekend. Keep the dream going fellas.

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  1. John Butler says

    Good luck with the flood levels Peter.

    Keep the keyboard dry.

  2. Send those flood waters to Numurkah, I need something to make life interesting.

  3. Peter Schumacher says

    Thanks John and Josh. I have of course received quite a few emails re the Shep floods.

    Fortunately our home is located well away from any flood threat and in fact I don’t think that any houses, in Shepparton itself, at least, have been inundated. Nevertheless a new area, Kialla Lakes, which one might have supposed would be immune to the effects of flooding have “copped” it to the extent that one road which provides access and egress has been covered by water perhaps up to two feet deep in the old money, which has left effected households with no access to the outside, a situation which could pertain for some days apparently.

    The Goulburn River itself peaked at an 18 year high, 11.1 metres and for those who do know Shepparton, access to the the gym and swimming complex “Aquamoves” has been blocked off due to flooding along the road at the front of this precinct. It looks here too that the water won’t be going down in a hurry.

    On the other hand properties further out have been flooded although again I am not aware of any evacuations but that is not to say that there haven’t been.

    The general feeling perhaps is one of relief that at last the drought appears to have ended although to put that into context, the main water storage for the region, Eildon Dam,is just shy of 54% capacity at the moment. This of course is excellent compared to a low which I have an idea reached, or perhaps more accurately “sank to” about 13%

    Peter Schumacher

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