DJ Demetriou say what?!

Apparently, the AFL has asked all teams to consider picking a ‘motivational entrance song’ to inspire the team and fans. Now if we’re not on the same page here I’d like you to picture your team running out to start their 2013 premiership campaign to Call Me Maybe…or god forbid, PSY’s Gangnam Style…yeah that’ll really get the boys pumped :/

I honestly don’t understand the point of this. The players all have different musical taste, different songs pump them up so let them listen to their own pump up songs during the warm up with their headphones on their iPods damn it!

The players already place a lot of importance on their music taste during the warm up and if the last thing they hear running out would be the cheesy entrance song, don’t expect anyone to be going hard at the ball.

“But Danni…”, you say, “what if the songs they pick aren’t cheesy and are more Rocky style and actually might pump them up?”

People please! The only thing any footy player should hear making their entrance to the ground is their club theme song blasting through the stands, and pray that its also the last thing they hear at the end of the game!

Im all for playing Up There Cazaly when they run off at halftime but seriously what’s a more inspiring entrance song than your team’s bloody theme song!?


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  1. Lord Bogan says

    Got to agree Danni. There are enough pointless auditory distractions from the speakers at the footy. Although I must say, if Carlton had a theme, it would have to be Girls Just Wanna Have Fun….

  2. Oh dear… Fish, meet barrel.

    Collingwood’s would be ‘Jailbreak’ or ‘All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth’.

  3. Oh, God. -_-

    When will the AFL learn that the game is enough. No songs, no competitions, no Voice of the G reading what’s displayed on the scoreboard for us to read.

    Danni, hope you’re starting a petition telling the AFL to shove that idea up their clackers and just STFU! I’ll be the first to sign it.

    (And no, I’m not auditioning for the next series of Grumpy Old Men.)

  4. Lord Bogan says

    Ok Litz, how about ‘Holding Out For a Hero’ for the Blues or ‘Glory Days’?

  5. Louise Francis says

    I’m with Gigs. I just want to watch a great game and sing our theme song if we win. I miss the days of the VFL.
    ( Grumpy old woman.)

  6. Obviously you and I would make a perfect couple, Lou!

  7. It’s great to see that everyone agrees with me!
    Next thing you know they’ll want to introduce each player running through their own banner with their own theme songs…way OTT!

  8. Michael Parker says

    Oh god is this for real? Why do the AFL always try and rip off the NFL and other American sports? The AFL has great hallmarks and traditions surely we dont need another half baked idea to “pump up” the crowd

  9. This is the Catch 22 – the AFL marketing department dreams up a cock and bull idea, the AFL media department (all 130 of them) spread the word at the height of summer. We all start responding and the AFL media department (all 130 of them) high-five each other (that’s a lot of high-fives) because its social media stats are going through the roof. Again. And, yet, if we don’t respond and protest footy crowds will have to listen to ‘motivational entrance songs’ morning, noon and night from the start of the pre-season. These entrance songs will probably be for the start of each quarter – not just the start of the game – and maybe for each time an interchange player enters the ground. Talk about players and songs being on high rotation.

    I need to have a lie-down and listen to the cricket, even if it is ODIous 50/50 stuff.

  10. Skip of Skipton says

    Does anyone recall the appalling hard-rock ‘Cat Attack’ song they used to blast through the speakers before games at Kardinia Park in the early ’90s? No more of that, thanks!

  11. Geelong already use the music for the Roll-A-Door ad – “You’ll get much more with a Roll-A- Door……”

  12. Lord Bogan says

    AFL = Americana Football League. This shit should not be in our culture. If the game is good enough, it will not need peripheral distractions. Maybe there is something wrong with the game? Other sports are rightfully taking away the patronage of our youngsters. Why should they follow AFL if the NBA and EPL offer world class sports entertainment?

    Many of us Almanackers have a relationship with our clubs because we identified with ‘topos’ or place. Geelong is the only Vitctorian club that has a real home ground and hence a solid place/brand relationship. The idea of following an Australian Rules Football club at the highest level may not mean enough in the future for Gen Y and Z’ers. Can you blame them?

  13. Agree 100% Lord B (other than the gratuitous Geelong plug).

  14. the afl’s twitter account has been directed to this piece and replied-Thanks, will pass it on.

    there may be hope….maybe? lol

  15. Lord Bogan says

    Budge, I’m not a Geelong fan, but I reckon a real connection to a sense of place has been critical to their success over the last 6 years. People want to feel that they belong to something more than a brand.

  16. What’s wrong with the Club song… Mind you I think “Welcome to The Jungle” from Guns and Roses would be sensational at Tigers home games

  17. Skip of Skipton says

    Lord Bogan, having lived in Geelong 20 odd years of my life I would say that half the population of the city barrack for other AFL teams, yet most of those like to see the Cats do well. It’s good for the spirit of the place.

  18. I can buy that the true “home ground” galvanises the Geelong community but can’t subscribe to the view that it has any impact on the team’s success or otherwise. They’ve just been a damn good team for the last few years. Same criteria applied there for previous 30 years without team success.

  19. Based on previous seasons they could play that Wimaway song at the Gabba.

  20. Lord Bogan says

    Budge, when did Geelong have a really bad team since the late 80’s? 99′ maybe, but they’ve always been thereabouts.

  21. Count me in for the Harrison House Tea party.

    And how about ‘Andy D’s Body Lies a Mourning in The Grave’ every time the Ayatollah makes a public appearance.?

  22. Lord Bogan says

    ‘Place’ Skip is so important, even for fans of other clubs. Geelong has it, other Victorian clubs don’t. There is something about Geelong that other clubs admire without having to hate and I reckon the relationship with place has a lot to do with it.

  23. Peter Schumacher says

    Have to agree with the sentiments expressed, there is enough daft bullshit as it is when going to a game these days, the AFL must think that we are all morons.

  24. Andrew Weiss says

    Maybe we could turn this around and make the people in charge of the AFL like good old Andy D himself have theme songs that are played just before they do speak to the media. That way they will see how ridiculous this whole idea is. If this happened what would be an appropriate song for Andy D?

  25. N eil Anderson says

    Danielle, you’ve picked the perfect article to stir the Almanacer’s blood . You’re like the starter of the Almanac 2013 race who has just fired the gun and all the footy almanacers who are finding the cricket a bit tedious, have hit the keyboards running.
    I remember one USA sort of phoney -hype thing over the speakers at Bulldog games in the 90’s I think, was the ‘Woof! Woof! every time we kicked a goal. It probably shat me because to me it was like a bronx cheer due to the fact we never kicked many goals on the day. And yes, I’m definitely a grumpy old man as well.
    If we are given a direct order from the Kremlin that ‘you will make zis music for your comrades’, I would settle for ‘The Dogs Are Barking’ as a tribute to Doc Neeson who is seriously ill at the moment.

  26. Doggies could end up running out to ‘who let the dogs out’ :/ classy ain’t it?!

    I’m just hoping that my boys won’t give in to the pressure. I can see the Prez already- “To replace Good Old Collingwood Forever is to replace what we stand for as a football club” or something like that :) so far Melbourne was the only team to publically consider the idea.

  27. Cheryl Critchley says

    Richmond used to run onto the ground to “Eye of the Tiger” in the 1980s. Didn’t do us much good though! I don’t even want to start on the heartbreak songs you could play as my team ran out: Achy Breaky Heart, I’m a Loser, any song with the number nine in it… Aggh! We have the best theme song in the league so let’s just leave it at that!

  28. Dockers are onto this. We’re gonna do “Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands”.

  29. Les no!!! I love the Freo theme!

  30. Andrew Starkie says

    more noise pollution.

  31. Hey, don’t worry Dani. After the 11 minutes and 16 seconds of the Sad Eyed Lady we’ll be straight into Freo Way to Go.

    Seriously though, when I’m rich (and it’s not that far off) I’m going to sponsor the AFL with official silence pre-game and at each break… all types of crowd noise will be encouraged though Collingwood will need to change their COLLING…WOOD chant as they pinched it from FREOOOO.

    No on ground announcers, no ads, just crowd noise.

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