Brownlow Fashion 2013

Manicures, spray tans and bling were out in force last night while the lads stepped aside to let their WAGS flaunt their fashion. White was a very popular colour this year as was length with majority of WAGs opting for long dresses. It seemed that showing a little skin was also the trend on the carpet. And so here are my top picks from Brownlow night.

(photos taken from Herald Sun website)


1. Alex Davis (partner of Scott Pendlebury)


    Walking the carpet in a stunning white gown natural beauty Alex tops my ‘Best Dressed’ list as a WAG who never fails to disappoint. Showing some ‘sexy back’ with the bandage breaks in the back of her body fit and flair dress, Alex owned the sexy but classy look with simple makeup (Not that she needs any!) a neat up-do and a cute white box clutch. One word; FLAWLESS!
        2. Belinda Riverso (partner of Rory Slone) & Elise Swallow (Wife of Andrew Swallow)


You may or may not know this but my favourite colour is ‘North Melbourne Blue’ so when these two ladies made their entrance I was in love with their gowns right away. There’s something striking about the right blue that gives that confident “BAM, IM HERE SO YALL BETTER MOVE OUTTA MY WAY!” look. The sheer fabric over Belinda’s chest gives the dress that fun, sexy look while Elise’s dress is a hot dramatic take on a romantic style dress, with its sweetheart neckline and pleated bodice.

3. Nadia Coppolino (partner of Jimmy Bartel)


Nadia is another one of my Brownlow favourites, she really rose the bar when she wore that AMAZING electric green dress but she’s managed to match it this year in a floating, hand beaded black, silver and sheer frock while rocking a perfect dramatic smokey eye makeup look. The sheer sleeves and cut out in the back of the dress showed a little skin and her hair was simple, the best choice when the dress has so much going on. Overall a stunningly sophisticated look.

4. Erin Maxwell (wife of Nick Maxwell)


What’s the Brownlow without a splash of colour? Fashion guru Erin impressed with a fun bright pink, shoulder padded number with just the right amount of cheeky cleavage, front zipper and form fitting angled sleeves. Erin completed the glamorous look with a cute gold clutch and soft waves in her hair.

5. Brynne Edelsten (wife of Dr. Edelsten)


Now, now don’t look at me like that, I’m a sucker for bandage dresses. I bought one and now I wish I had one in every colour so when I saw Brynne wearing one she got my approval! All confidence Brynne strutted her stuff in the long body-tight, pearl-beige, beaded plunging neckline frock. Love, love, love it Girl!

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Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. DE – as someone who is known for his sartorial flair and (ahem) panache – Can I just say that pink (whatever it is) of young Erin’s is wrong with a capital R. Anything that makes Nick look good cannot be right. Now if she had the purps on different discussion.

  2. Luke Reynolds says

    Gazza may have won the medal but as your picture shows, Pendles is the real winner.

  3. Those who watch the Brownlow for the Red Carpet do know the Emmys were also on last night, right…?

    Sorry, but nothing on the Brownlow Red Carpet comes close to Connie Britton… or January Jones, or Christina Hendricks, or Emily Deschanel… or Jon Hamm’s beard. And then you have the fashion train wrecks, like Lena Dunham and Zosia Mamet.

  4. 3 votes: Alex Davis
    2 votes: Alex Davis
    1 vote: Alex Davis

  5. Andrew Starkie says

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…what, what,… it over yet?

    I cried tears of joy in 78 and 83 when Blighty and Rossco won the medal, but bloody hell, last night I cried from boredom and frustration. I gave up at 9pm, after round 5. Seriously, i’d prefer to sit between Carl Stefanovic and Alistair Cook at a dry wedding at the Warrnambool Temperance Hall than go through a full modern day Brownlow count. And they wonder why the players get so drunk! Are the WAGS all from the same gene pool?

    Sorry Dani, a bit negative. I just want this horrible season to end.

  6. Andrew Starkie says

    Even the winner was boring. No offence to Gazza, but can we have a winner who isn’t a medium sized onballer for once? Call me a Commie, but what about a ruckman or forward, or heaven forbid, a defender. Biased, I know, but no one had a better year than Scott Thompson. If Swan had won again i would’ve puked. He spent the year undermining the coach and sulking when told to play in the forward line.

    Sorry Dani. Lovely dresses.

  7. Andrew Fithall says

    Since Pendles and Alex moved out of Williamstown, I miss the occasional encounters in Coles. Never any interaction – just (non-threatening/non-weird…I hope) observation.

    A question for you Danni – or Gigs – We know that Gary A is the 5th person to win two brownlows at different clubs. How many of those have done so with a different partner on brownlow night?

  8. Stephen Cooke says

    Holding several sticks of celery in front of your face and following Pendles and Alex from aisle to aisle is not non-weird interaction. Just letting you know.

  9. Neil Belford says

    Nice question Andrew. Come on Gigs – it has been over an hour.

    Danni – Have you scored them in order, and if so, I’m sorry, it is OK for two contestants to tie for a position, but that would make Nadia come 4th not 3rd.

  10. So true Luke! Every Collingwood girl has a girl crush on Alex, we all want to be her!
    She’s naturally stunning and endorses healthy eating and fitness. The fact shes dating Pendles is just a perk haha.

    Andrew S-
    I completely understand lol.
    My mum was the same:
    “Is it over yet?!”
    “How long left?”
    “this is taking forever”
    “Im bored!”
    As for the winner, im pissed bc its NOT FAIR! Gaz doesn’t have to compete with anyone at GC for votes so we might as well just give him a Brownlow at the start of every season and save everyone the trouble and heartache! I can’t believe they didn’t give it to Sammy Mitchell! SO FREAKIN’ ANGRY!

    Andrew F-
    I THINK he’s had three diff partners having taken Lauren Phillips for two years…I THINK lol.

  11. lauren Phillips for three**** years I mean. (I THINK)

  12. Neil Belford says

    Danielle did you just change your avatar into your (to be) Brownlow dress.

  13. lol if you’re talking about the salmon pink bandage dress then no Neil its been like that for a month haha

  14. Peter Schumacher says

    Call me completely non romantic and an spoil sport leftie but on principal I refuse to watch the Brownlow count because to me it shows the worst excesses of capitalism, that is, the whole way a simple count has been stretched out for ever to suit commercial imperatives. It annoys me as much as the hyped up bullshit that takes place before every AFL game. Keep saying this in respect of the seconds but bring them back as a curtain raiser. As for the “girls” you know that most will be over exposed/under dressed, about as subtle as an Encyclopedia Britannica falling off a bookshelf and with about that much poise.

  15. Like your style and flair Danni. All except for Erin Maxwell’s puce shocker. You can’t be serious. She won worst dressed in our house.
    As for the best looker, you wouldn’t crawl over Nadia to get to Alex (to her dress I mean). Healthy eating is all very well, but you need a girl with a bit of meat on her bones. JBartel is a champ on and off the field.
    Good to see Brynne not looking like trailer trash. Is that Darrel Hannah’s dress from Splash??

  16. Peter S.
    Lol fair enough!

    Peter B.
    Really? I liked Erin’s dress bc she went diff with a retro look. Made her stand out and I do love pink!

  17. PB our alignment is getting scary!!

  18. Sean,
    Speaking of fashion I was in Freo today for work. The trendies are all in purple and white. But the old salts still had the scarves with the red and green alongside. When did the colours change?
    There is something noble about hanging onto a belief long after it is fashionable or believeable. They all looked like they will be on a bender for a week – win or lose.

  19. Peter B in Freo?

    I thought border protection was an Abbott priority. Another broken promise.

  20. Scouting for my mate Clarko. Big golden birds means they are already half way there.
    Crowley will be on a stretcher by quarter time. Jordan Lewis has been studying Mark Yeates tapes.

  21. Andrew Starkie says

    Gday Dani,

    I’ve calmed down today. Gotten over it. Looking forward now to gf day. Got tix in the mcc ballot. what are you doing?

  22. Haha Andrew :p
    ohh sounds awesome!
    Might make a night of it at a cousin’s house. Go Freo!!!!

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