AFL Round 15 – Carlton v Collingwood: Beating Carlton

There are many things I can liken to what beating Carlton feels like.

It’s like that first spoonful of your large Chocolate Sundae from Maccas.

Like that feeling you get when the hot water first hits the back of your neck and runs down your back in the shower.

It’s like that first sip of dark hot chocolate from Max Brenner.

Like when your winged liquid eyeliner is even on both eyes. (BEST FEELING, so rare it ain’t even funny)

I could go on forever but I guess this time I’ll just go with:

Beating Carlton is like being gifted a Tiffany & co bracelet and a pair of Chanel earrings.

I don’t have to tell you about the hype when my boys go up against the Blues but this time around it really was lethal. The way I looked at it was that Collingwood had to win. No ifs or buts we HAD to win. If we didn’t I would be camped outside the Westpac Center ready to unleash the fury within, not even a good-looking security guard would get in my way. (Unless he was Nick Bracks good-looking…)

But nope, losing was no option. We needed to prove ourselves after we lost last week against Port but most importantly we needed to win because Carlton were sinking out of the top eight, a win for them would keep their season alive…just.

Those of you who read my work often and scroll down to comment might have seen my Almanac bio. (That reminds me I need to edit my age lol) I’d like to point out that I wrote it at the start of the year and I quote; “…and is looking forward to Carlton missing out on finals this year.” Now that  I think about it it’s a big call considering all Blues fans had Mick up on a pedestal as some messiah who was obviously going to take Carlton straight to a flag, because Ratten had no clue what he was doing, right? *Sigh* Gotta love the cray Carlton pessimists. Remember how long it took Mick to win a flag at Collingwood? Well in the case of Carlton, double it bebs. Funnily enough it seems like my big call might actually come true and I’m proud to say my boys certainly helped the cause.

My dad once said “Malthouse came to Collingwood and now he’s got white hair, but by the time he’s done with Carlton he won’t have hair at all.” Poor Mick seeing his reactions I’m beginning to think dad is on the money.

If somebody can please send me the footage of Cloke marking and Mick’s reaction, I’ll love you forever. Seriously it was PRICELESS if I could id rewind it and watch it again and again and again! I had tears in my eyes, a stitch formed in my stomach and I spat out the water I was drinking I laughed so much. But I wasn’t laughing for the whole game, that first term….o-m-g much?! That wasn’t Collingwood out there that was a hot mess. “ARGHHHH GARLETT GO HOME!” -.- Who left him loose!? The Taurus in me had its horns out ready to charge at the tv screen. When we get angry we get ANGRY. “Stupid siren arghhhh!!!!!”

And with the siren came the relief! Bucks drilled the boys, woke them up good like in those movies when they splash a bucket of cold water on the sleeping unsuspecting character. We were awake and ready to fire and that fire turned into a blazing inferno! We wrestled back the lead and ran, sprinted, cantered away with the four points leaving behind us a blanket of dust, some very blue Blues and a very shell-shocked Mick Malthouse.

On that beautiful note, I end my piece saying; See ya Carlton, you won’t be missed :P

Go Pies!
Collingwood     5.3    11.7  15.14  17.16 (118)
Carlton             7.0    8.1    9.3        12.5 (77)

Goals – Collingwood: Cloke 5, Reid 4, Witts 2, Thomas, Pendlebury, Macaffer, Dwyer, Krakouer, Seedsman
Carlton: Garlett 2, Kreuzer 2, McLean, Casboult, Lucas, McInnes, Betts, Henderson, Cachia, Yarran

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  1. Luke Reynolds says

    Great stuff Danielle. Doesn’t it just make for a great weekend when we beat Carlton on a Friday night!

  2. Danielle says

    Cheers Luke :)
    Yes it does, woke up grinning!

  3. I think 78,000 Pies supporters woke up the same Dani……grinning!

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