Magpie mateship for McCarthy

Danielle Eid

*Rewind to 2 weeks ago*


Surely there is no way we would make it to the preliminary-final, don’t even CONSIDER the Granny. No really, booking a week holiday in Sydney during grand final week is fine. There’s nothing to worry about, if we meet West Coast again they’ll probably just belt us again and its season over. With Nic Nat there we get killed in the ruck, our midfielders can’t delivery cleanly to the fifty and our big forwards are soooooo out of form, it’ll be fine….


*Saturday Night*


Siren, Pies prevail over West Coast by 13 points….im shocked, How did this happen?

It was so MESSY, so many dropped chest marks, and don’t even get me started on umpire 17.


Would it be fair to say the boys, dug deep? You can’t deny that they gave their all for their fallen ex-team mate Jmac, you could see it on their faces.

Black arm bands etched on their strong arms they stood in front of the banner and placed their hand on the words ‘RIP MATE’ in reflection.

Chris Dawes, dangerously close to tears mixed with a look of hurt and almost anger during the minute silence. Whatever they were feeling they left it all out on the turf in honor of their friend.

It wasn’t easy, they had to get the lead back and keep it. Ben Reid and Nathan Brown were just amazing in defense. Pendlebury came out bursting from the middle and Daisy slotted three goals. Jarryd Blair often called the ‘Little Man’ pumped a kick that had absolutely nothing little about it in height and in distance, then gestured at his arm band; that’s for you Jmac. So heartbreaking seeing the boys look so vulnerable, especially tattooed high profile personality Dayne Beams almost choking back the tears in the interview with Cameron Ling.


Maybe the realization of how sudden a life can end caught up with them, the understanding that even footballers aren’t untouchable or immortal made them just that little bit hungrier, just that little more determined to make the most of being alive and do what Jmac loved doing. The way the whole thing happened was just so sad. News on twitter that an AFL player had died in Las Vegas spread like wild fire and very soon after Jmac’s name was trending with whispers he was the rumored player who lost his life. When it was all confirmed I was in even more shock. Even worse was the news bringing it up every hour, all the websites covering stories on it so even if you wanted to pretend it didn’t happen you couldn’t.

It wasn’t just the Port Adelaide or Collingwood footy family mourning, it was every AFL fan, every club and if that how we felt I can’t even imagine how his team mates and family would have felt. We saw some of how they felt tonight, his ex-team mates my boys played in his honor and our supporters emotional in the stands with signs and twitter photo tributes.


Death is a powerful thing but friendship is even more powerful.

They played for Jmac and they are also playing for Tarrant, his last chance to win a flag and considering what I saw tonight maybe I shouldn’t rule my boys out of the big race just yet. Maybe I could be watching my boys on grand final day in Sydney….just maybe.




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Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. Thanks for these thoughts Danni. IT is a sad time.

    Which is one of the many reasons this was a memorable win for the Collingwood footy club.

    Now to Sydney.

  2. Danni, very proud of the boys last night. Felt for them at the end of the game, especially Beams and Blairy who were two of our best. RIP JMAC.

  3. Your contribution honours our players, Danni. And our players honoured J-Mac.
    Happiness can come from sorrow.

    Floreat Pica

  4. Well written mate! I hope you get your granny wish as well but to a little hardh but honest there is no point in getting to the big dance and not dancing. I guess if we make it we deserve to be there and if we don’t well I will have nothing but pride for our fantastic club. What a club we are four prelims in a row two grand finals in a row and one flag it has been a magnificent ride but with all that glory behind us it’s the absolute class the club has shown this week as everyone has said the footy community has felt this one but the way every single person from the Collingwood football club has never forgotten about Johns immediate family has been simply touching. This has beene proudest week as pies fan.

  5. Danielle Eid says

    JTH- Very sad week it was, have heard the boys may be attending the funeral before taking off to Sydney. I hope that really helps them and i think its great the club are allowing them to do so even during finals.

    Lord Bogan- Yes i was also very proud and surprised they had it in them. Heartbreaking seeing the boys so upset but t hey used the hurt out there.

    Dave- Thankyou <3
    Very true, weird how that happens...

    Sean- Thanks for the comment im glad you enjoyed it. :)
    I agree the club has handled the unfortunate event of jmac's death very well,
    his contribution to Collingwood will never be forgotten.
    Go Pies!

  6. Well said Danni, a moving game and exciting. I was barracking for the Pies and I am glad they showed the spirit that was needed. Having met so many Almanack and other Pies supporters who are great, well, Scotty Watters came from there and you have our Robert Harvey, so it all blends in. Anyhow, great win, great article. If you guys get near at least Saints were beaten by some pretty awesome teams. You see, I have to find the positives!


  7. Great article Danielle,

    Our club handled this tragedy so well. Was rapt for J-Mac’s great mates Beams, Reid, Wellingham, Blair and Brown to play so well. Whatever happens from now on
    they will have given their all. They are in the top 4 which is always a great effort. Go Pies!

  8. Danni

    Like anyone who doesn’t follow the Pies, I can’t stand them, but credit where it is due, I think they have handled themselves incredibly last week, played really well and Buckley has shot up in my estimation over the last 6 months. Very mature, shows care and passion, sensible, and his handling of press conferences in stark contracts to isi grumpy predecesor. Can’t quite bring myself to back or want you to win Friday but as a supporter, you should be justifiably proud of your entire club rght now


  9. Yvette- Nice to have you on board even if its temporary :)

    Luke- Thank you. I agree the club handled everything very professionally and considered everything they co9uld do not only to pay their respects but also help the players get through it. Was so nice to see them dig deep for their mate.

    Sean- I am very proud of my boys and Bucks. I lashed out at so many Buckley haters at the start of the year. i told them if we don’t play finals then make a fuss all you want but considering all the injuries this year he has worked a miracle to get the boys this far.

  10. Very proud Pie fan. Outstanding mettle shown this week by the boys & great leadership by Maxy, Bucks & Ed et al. Great rallying by the wider footy community also.

    Now, imagine the boost if the club could just get the Cloke deal done this week……

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