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We all have our favourites or as you lot might say ‘man-crushes’ and it would take a pretty special player to replace that sort of favourite wouldn’t it? He’d probably have to be invincible. The type that can run through a brick wall and come out the other end without a scratch, fly higher than Superman and kick more goals than Locket, Lloyd and Franklin combined. Basically this replacement threat doesn’t actually exist well not to me anyway, oh and ladies if you’re having problems figuring out who your main man is keep reading!

Most Saints who had love for old veteran Robert Harvey, may have given that spot to toughie Lenny Hayes. How about the Geelong clan? Ever wonder which Ablett they love more? How many Cats would actually own up to the fact that Gary Ablett Jr. knocked his dad off their all-time favourite player platform? Cats fans I want to hear from you in the comments section!

If you asked people who knew me who they think my all-time favourite player was you’d get different answers and its most likely that none of them would be correct. If you asked my dad when I first realised that boys don’t have ‘cooties’ (still unproven though lol) he’d say “Nick Davis.” Maybe the fact I was suddenly always 2 inches way from the TV anytime he got on camera gave it away. Pretty sure this love affair wasn’t based on playing ability but more on the fact that he looked like he could join NSYNC.

If you asked my year 7 home room teacher he’d say “Cameron Cloke.” Can’t blame him for saying so since I used to write ‘Mrs Cloke’ at the top of every worksheet. (This was during my bleach blonde boys phase, Jesse McCartney had just made his music debut with ‘Beautiful Soul’. He’s still around these days but now he’s singing songs more like ‘she just wanna shake, shake, shake….’ you get the idea lol)

If you asked my year 12 homeroom teacher and most of my friends they’d say “Jack Anthony.” Again a valid choice considering Jack’s number was on my jumper and I was entranced by his kicking motion and found him ridiculously appealing…but nope.

My favourite blonde friend Candy would say “Falvo.” No that’s not a typo, by Falvo she means Fev lol and no she’s not even close.

Think about it…like a man-crush. Out of all those blokes I have ever admired if I was a bloke who would still be there? Bam! Saverio Rocca.

The first and only player I ever loved, as in MAN-CRUSH LOVED! Not for his hair, not for his pretty teeth or his cute butt, BUT for his ridiculous long bomb goals that had my young eyes pop out of their sockets like in those cartoons…and the way he’d launch into air like a rocket, like it was the most natural thing in the world!!!!!!! My heart would rise higher with the length of the commentator’s scream “ROCCCCCCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!” Its Love damn it! LOVE!

When you think about it that way it all makes sense. We had Bucks, Presti, Clement Didak… and now we have Pendles and Swan but for me Sav tops them all. He’s the first player I loved and honestly I don’t think anyone will rob him of that place in my heart after all we both became Magpies in 1992. With that all digested now I can easily say “I’ve never loved another player like I love Sav.” So reflect and spill!

Who is your all-time favourite and how did you get to that choice?

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Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. Dani,
    My man crush is Beau Waters. But don’t tell anyone or Sean, Les and those horrible purple louts will make fun of me,
    And don’t tell Beau or he won’t talk to me again.

  2. Love the honestly Peter :)
    haha never be ashamed for a man-crush is well earned is it not?!

  3. Phil Dimitriadis says

    I seem to have a thing for Billys. Billy Picken when I was growing up and Billy Elliot today. Mercurial, courageous and great leaps…that’s what I like.

  4. Saw Sav having a punt a couple of weeks ago. Hard to tell if he is still the same man Danni. He was all padded up in that American football garb and helmet for the washington redskins.

  5. Dani, I get exactly where you’re coming from with Sav. I thought in the end it was fitting that he played exactly half his career at each of Collingwood and North (by years at least – more games and goals for the Pies). He was one of the few at North who were genuinely exciting after the end of the Carey era. But real man-crushes? Not sure. Carey always seemed too flawed, even before The Incident, to be worthy of man-crushes. Archer maybe? These days, I can’t split Daniel Wells — so graceful, intelligent, the thinking man’s crush — and Ben Cunnington — equal parts brave and laid-back, grunt and smarts.

  6. A thing for Billys! love it Phil haha

    Indogus, Sav could be wrapped in an American flag and id still see what I always do whenever I see him. A tall #36 in a black and white Spicers jumper.

    Seems you may have a little more thinking to do to be sure Rob :) Maybe the end of the 2014 season will have you comment here with more certainty about your number 1 footy fav haha. What’s also fitting is that Dad took me to Sav’s last AFL game without knowing it was his last game, thankgod I didn’t miss that!

  7. Simon Black, Lenny Hayes, Robert Harvey, Nathan Burke, Gary Ablett jnr, Daniel Rich, Adam Goodes, Nigel Lappin, Tony Modra, Martin Pike, Kelvin Templeton, Michael McClean, Darryl White, Craig Lambert.

  8. Joanne Asmar says

    All time man-crush = Leonardo DiCaprio ?? ??

  9. Haha dw Joanne it happened to me too lol . yeah u n him perf couple!

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