Hurry up Travis, Shutup media

Travis Cloke this and Travis Cloke that!

Seriously Travis just sign or leave its not that hard, stay with us and play finals or leave and get more money. Make your choice and put us all out of our misery already!

I’m not the only Collingwood supporter with this mentality towards Cloke, I support him when he runs out for us, especially when he kicks a goal but other wise i’m pretty disappointed that it’s taking him and his ‘management’ this long to come to an agreement with the club.


Meanwhile the media has be draining the hell out of it because we all know anything to do with Collingwood is newsworthy. It goes to the point of pieces written only indicating the most simple things such as; ‘Cloke meets with the Club for contract negotiations’ – ‘Cloke possibly closer to signing contract with Pies’- Honestly im just waiting for the ‘Cloke seen holding pen this morning’ newsflash piece!


So basically media, all I ask that the next Cloke piece you write is on a confirmed signed contract; and Travis hurry up and do your thing dude, thanks.



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  1. Andrew Starkie says

    Dani, last season your coach sucked the energy out of the club, is Trav doing it this year?

  2. Pretty much Andrew,
    when he’s interviewed about it he says he’s sick of hearing/talking about it, well why doesn’t he fix it and sign or leave -.-

  3. I just love the way his crap form is reducing his market value by 10% a week, and the Pies flag chances at the same rate.
    The apple never falls far from the tree.
    Tigers fans only had to wait 30 years for their little bit of schadenfreude.

  4. Good thinking Danni.

    Then we can all go out and have a beer with Swanny to celebrate.

  5. Everything is falling apart!!!! -.-

  6. Danni,

    I am beginning to like DS; just a little bit (and don’t quote me)

    He does the business on the field, is not big on the ho hum stuff and likes a beer on Sundays.

    Would look good in the blue and white hoops actually.

    You can come over to the Cats in the package if you like.

  7. Honestly im more upset with Travis than i am with Dane.
    Dane made a silly mistake in bad timing and he’s going to take the reasonable club punishment.
    There have been too many overreactions from collingwood fans in reference to Swan’s actions already costing us a flag- ummm we have’nt even played the semi people! I also like to thimk that our whole game plan doesnt revolve around Swanny. Infact im keen to see which players are going to step up and shine in his absence.

    Swany isnt going anywhere,sorry Phantom but the longer Cloke takes the more we all want him to p*ss right off! -.-

  8. Andrew Starkie says

    Don’t worry about Swanny, Dani.

  9. Not worry Andrew, he made a rookie mistake could have been much worse.

    Im starting to think Phantom’s goal in life is to convert me to Geelong hahaha :P

  10. It’s a noble goal, Danni, and you won’t regret it ;-)

    The worst thing about contract negotiations being on hold is it leads people to speculate (justifiably or otherwise) that it means he’s as good as gone.

    Cue another week worth of fodder for the papers -_-‘

  11. MARIAA!!!!!! :p Trust you to say that.

    Yeah i agree, im hoping its not true but….then again who wants a player that doesn’t want to stay at a club?

  12. Hasn’t Trav and the club agreed to put off all talks until after the season?

    I bet he’s already signed/agreed to terms with GWS, Freo or some other club and he approached Collingwood about it and rather than announce it now they’ve all agreed that they’ll just tell the media that all talks are on hold until after the season.

  13. Dave Nadel says

    I think Travis may be gone, Danni. The club says that they will not negotiate with the Clokes until after the season but they continue to negotiate, successfully, with all the other unsigned players. Beams, Wellingham and possibly Reid are already signed. Sidebottom, Ball, O’Brien and Krakouer will be signed. You would have to wonder whether that will leave room under the salary cap for the Clokes’ demands.

    On the other hand Cloke is going to have to lift his game and play with something like his 2010 form if he wants to get the bucketfull of money his Dad wants from Carlton, Melbourne or Freo. If he continues to play the way he has for much of this season he will lose his value to other clubs. I would be sorry to lose Travis. He may never be as consistently brilliant as Swan and Pendlebury or as inspiring as Daisy, but at his best he is the most important player in the team and it will be hard to win a Flag without him.

    I am disappointed in David Cloke who was a terrific player for two clubs, seems to me to be a decent bloke and prior to the current negotiations had looked after his kids’ careers pretty well. However his brinkmanship over Travis’ current contract is not doing anyone any good. Least of all Trav.

    I think that Bucks and the leadership team have been stupid about Swanny. His offences are not as serious as the offenses that have had other players (Heater, Dids, Wellers) suspended. A couple of drinks at a friends wedding six days out from the next game were not going to destroy his game or club discipline. If the club wanted to punish him they should have fined him rather than penalise the whole team by sending them out to face the top of the ladder Swans without their most prolific possesion winner.

  14. Cracks appearing?

  15. Dave Nadel says

    Not necessarily. For all of the Clokes’ poor negotiating tactics they are not actually lying to the club. Could you say the about Bomber and Little Gary in 2010?

  16. Bomber big time fool, but Little Gary actually fulfilled his contract, and played his heart out til the very last game. His prelim against Collingwood proved that. If Cloke IS gone, and that’s a sizeable if, he’s not doing the same thing by Collingwood as Gazza did for Geelong.

  17. Dave Nadel says

    Susie, it would be exactly the same. Travis is fulfilling his contract and my guess is if he wants a huge contract with Carlton or Melbourne he will play his heart out in all the finals games. He would anyway, he likes being part of the Collingwood team and you will note that since the Club stopped negotiations his on field performance has improved. The GWS game may be a comment on poor opposition but he played quite well against strong opponents against St Kilda.

    The only difference between Little Garry and Travis is that Travis and his father are being completely transparent (if stupid) in their negotiations with their club.

  18. Fair point Dave, well made.
    But I’ll point out that Gary didn’t only play well in finals. Cloke has to keep improving in the next few weeks before we can be sure he’s recovered.

    But yes, Geelong in that year were definitely negatively effected by the Ablett saga. He may have played well, but the team struggled at points. The Bomber thing caught us completely off guard and wasn’t a factor in our form. No one saw it coming, it just happened.

  19. There is an obvious difference between little Garry and Travis. Ability.

    The disruptive departing senarios are a double edged sword.

    1st. Bomber and Mick departures. Bomber had had enough and was looking to move on. He was at least honest enough to tell the club and renig on one year of his contract. This was a disruptive time. He could do no more at Catville. I have nothing but the deepest admiration for him and what he did for the club.
    Mick was sacked. That started a disruptive time.

    2nd. Young Gary was the hottest bit of AFL property going around. Demetriou wanted to make a statement regarding the new team and no matter how unethical the deal and process were Gaz was gone. It was a lot of money and no young bloke with a couple of premiership medals and a brownlow would be silly enough to let that go. His performance at Gold Coast has been marvellous; great effort, committment and leadership. The Cats got Billie Smedtz, another first round draft pick, that will come into play in the Boak return, and the next flag.
    Cloke will end up going for a discount price and the Pies will get very little compared with what the Cats got for Gazza.

  20. True, the Pies won’t get much for the loss of Cloke if he goes, but it’ll free up their salary cap considerably, allowing them to retain more of their current players and maybe attract a biggish name from another club.

    And Phantom, as good as our haul was for Gazza (and I mean to say, I love Smedts), in the eyes of the AFL, he’s only worth as much as Tom Scully.

  21. Dave Nadel says

    To describe Mick’s departure as a sacking is a major oversimplification. A succession plan was negotiated between Mick, Bucks and Eddie in 2009. It may or may not have been a good idea. I thought at the time that Bucks should have stuck with his original idea of doing his apprenticeship as a coach at a different club but the succession plan was widely hailed by commentators and not just those associated with Collingwood. Of course, at the time Mick hadn’t coached Collingwood to a Premiership,

    Mick could have reneged on the succession plan after the flag. He obviously wanted to and lots of Pie fans (me included) would have liked him too. But unlike the two most famous proponents of Succession Plans in this country (Bob Hawke and John Howard) Mick stuck by his word. He whinged a little in public but he stuck by his word. He wasn’t sacked. He might have been if he had refused to move on but we will never know because he left of his own accord.

    Susie you are quite right. If we had met David Cloke’s full demands we would not have had room in our salary cap to re-sign the younger players who are going to win us another flag – Reid, Sidebottom and especially Beams. If Travis goes we may even have money to sign a ruckman as a short term solution to the gap between Jolly retiring and Witts and Ceglar developing to Firsts standard. (I don’t think Wood is the answer)

    I also suspect, Phantom, that you would not be as sanguine about Gary’s departure if he had gone to Hawthorn, Collingwood or West Coast instead of the Gold Coast

  22. Dave;

    Point 1. The KISS principle. Keep It Simple Stupid.

    Point 2. Read between the lines and fully digest all that has happened since Mick’s dismissal.

    Point 3. Forgot to mention the wonderful benefits of salary cap pressure easing when young Gary left.

    Point 4. It is my understanding that Mr Demetriou’s committement was for Gary to go to Gold Coast rather than that other of that red herring riff raff you mentioned.

    Suzie, you wonderful cat person you, read my Round 13 2011 Almanac Report on Hawthorn vs Gold Coast. We have had enough time to heal the wounds of the vile treacherous jilt and must move on in a warn state of love and forgiveness.

  23. Andrew Starkie says

    Dave, Mick ‘whinged a little’? If you don’t mind me saying, I think his behaviour last season, when he took every media and public opportunity to undermine the ‘golden handshake’, while placing pressure on Bucks and Eddie to renege on the deal, robbed the club of its focus and sucked the energy out of the place. From where I was watching – a fair way off, granted – I think Mick’s behaviour and attitude were major factors in the club losing the flag. Sure, they suffered a few injuries and the Cats peaked at the right time, but this time last year, the Pies were the team to beat. And this year he has embedded himself in the media – TV, radio, print – when a year or so ‘out’ would have done everyone some good. The sight of him on the boundary rd 1, Cwood v Hawthorn, was a bad look and not overly respectful on his behalf. His comments about Bucks and the Pies during this season have been untimely as well. We all need to know when it’s time to leave and to give others a go. When it’s over, it’s over. And I can’t help but feel he’s circling above Ratts. I’m sure his people have spoken to people at Carlton. On that point, do Carlton want another Supercoach after the Pagan experience?

    A major point with the Mick saga is one you touched on, Dave. When the hand over deal was signed in 2009, the Pies hadn’t won a flag under Mick and probably didn’t look like doing so. The premiership in 2010 surprised the club but also served to refresh and re-inspire Mick who may have thought he could continue on for another few years with a little pressure on Eddie. He possibly also thought Bucks would ‘do the right thing’ and step aside for him.

    You’re right, he wasn’t sacked in the end, however, I think he and Eddie came to the same conclusion and realised things weren’t going to work out with Mick hanging around. Mick’s ego wouldn’t allow him to take a back seat. All’s well that ends well.

    Now, with Cloke, the Pies have another energy sucking situation going on. I applaud them for taking the contract deal off the table and I also thought Bucks substituting Trav against Freo was a smart move. Both acts have served to show who’s boss. Trav could ruin his career the way he’s going. I honestly can’t understand why you would choose $1m a year over $800K when the club offering you a lesser amount can offer a premiership. Do you think G Ablett is entirely happy with his decision?

    Anyway, I’m banging on.

  24. DBalassone says

    All this talk re the Pies and you’d be forgiven for thinking they were 4 & 14, not 14 & 4.

    They are still a fair chance this year if 1) they can avoid Hawthorn in finals (hopefully Cats can grant us that favour) and 2) they can avoid a final in WA (which is becoming more and more of a possibility).

    And re Cloke, it’s worth mentioning that statistically he is having his 2nd best season (note, he should have never won the Copeland in 07). He certainly has had an average 4-6 weeks though, no question.

  25. wow, love the banter and difference in logic going on here!

  26. Logic Danni?

    How can you put logic in the same sentence as Knacker banter?

  27. Very easily Phantom :)

  28. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Dave, aside from Phantom’s impish niggling, I agree that Cloke is gone. After attending Saturday’s match I watched Brendan Goddard closely and thought how good it would be to swap him for Cloke and a player like Wellingham. I would rather have Goddard for 3-4 good years than Cloke’s one dimensionality for 5. Just a thought.

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