AFL Round 6 – Collingwood v St.Kilda: For the love of Bucks

To those Collingwood supporters who are unhappy with Nathan Buckley, let me remind you that we beat Carlton. So sit down, stop getting your black and white scarf in a knot and “LEAVE BUCKLEY ALOOOONE!” For the love of Eddie, I feel like Chris Crocker, that crazy crazy Britney Spears fan.

It’s a new week, and for Bucks a new chance to secure another win and shut everybody up before I have to break out the blonde wig and turn on the shrieking tears.

Heath Shaw slams Milne to the ground like an angry bear ready to feast on an unsuspecting unicorn, does anybody like Milne?

Pendles scores the first of the match while Gilbert replies for the Saints.

Jolly kicks our second and then they cut to an ump for commentary to the confusion of Pendles wearing the ‘are you talkin’ ta me?’ look. If you’re going to stick a mic on the umps Fox Footy at least tell the players so they don’t think the umps are delusional, especially during umpire appreciation round.

Heater sells some candy up forward and prances in to….hit the post. After last week’s MANY wasted opportunities in front of goal you think we’d know where to aim.

Heater almost takes out Blairybear and then Milne runs away and goals. Deep breaths Danni, deep breaths…

Travis is gifted a 50m penalty and threads his first for the night. Then he whacks not only the post with his kick, but also his finger into the sad excuse for grass, Etihad turf when taking the mark.

With the Saints coming back within two points Bucks storms from the box looking a hell lot more intimidating than his security guards. Why does he even have security? Look at his game face ain’t nobody gonna wanna mess with THAT.

St.Kilda hit the front after a mess of handballs out of defence. Kick the bloody ball boys! We don’t need handball turnovers costing us goals!

Then Riewoldt strikes, even with ‘The Riewoldt Slayer’ Nathan Brown in action. I feel the rush of hate rise up in my chest as the ball floats through the middle of the goals, how depressing.

Heater dacks the shorts off a Saint in the weirdest tackle I’ve seen. The Saints suddenly turn up the pace of the game leaving us as nervous and sweaty as a geek with a date on prom night.

Lynch misses with the Saints still in front and I, the emotional eater stuff a handful of Froot Loops into my mouth.

Cloke is too busy taking marks too far out, if only he was Sav Rocca. Jolly closes the difference with his second goal, I might not have to drown my sorrows in the Nutella jar.

Harry O slots one through and Elliott comes off the ground with the trainers, yep because our injury list really needs to compete with The Nile.

Come on pies, DO SOMETHING before I drown myself in Froot Loops! BlairyBear hears and bombs a cute goal through followed by Pendles.

Then Gilbert hobbles off, Milne misses and Cloke misses AGAIN -.-

Finally Krakouer shows a presence strolling into goal only to be responded to by HIM, Riewoldt with his second. Bucks has a good tantrum in the box as the froot loops in my hand are crushed to dust.

We get a bit of space but St.Kilda won’t go away. Control is gained Dwyer and Cloke goal but again the Saints fight back through another two goals from…Grrrrr Riewoldt.

If I were at the game my reaction would be something like; “Ohhhh No he DIDN’T! Nobody makes a joke of my MAGPIES! Shaniqua, HOLD MA EARINGS GIRLLLLL…”

But it turns out there was no need for me to get all ghetto; Clokey kicks two beauties and Seedsman proves himself by slotting goal number two. My boys prevail by twenty-six points but Bucks still wears his poker face. We won but it wasn’t easy or pretty. I just hope supporters will ease off on Bucks. We got the four points so put the fake blonde wig and video recorder on hold, guess I won’t be filming my Chris Crocker video just yet.


Collingwood 15.13.103

St.Kilda 11.11.77


Collingwood: Cloke 4, Jolly 2, Pendlebury 2, Seedsman 2, O’Brien, Blair, Krakouer, Clarke, Dwyer
St Kilda: Riewoldt 4, Siposs 2, Gilbert, Milne, Roberton, Koschitzke, Armitage

Thomas, Pendlebury, Swan, Macaffer, Cloke, O’Brien, Shaw
St Kilda: Riewoldt, Steven, Geary, Montagna, Armitage, Roberton

Umpires: Rosebury, Stevic, Ryan

Official crowd: 40,071 at Etihad Stadium


3- J.Blair (coll)  2- S.Pendlebury (coll) 1- N. Riewoldt (stk)

About Danielle Eid

Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. Richard Naco says

    Great to see your passion and back and white vision still so evident. There are fans, and then there are FANS!!!, and your being one of the latter speaks volumes (of Very Good Things) about you. I’m no Pie, but I respect the way that you are.

    (I also have a lot of time for “Grrrr Riewoldt”, and I will think of him in those terms from here on. He’s not one of your’s – or mine – but hating him is a tad ott, huh?)

    So you keep standing up for your man, Cus! And tell those monochromed naysayers to just buck off and leave him alone. I just love him coaching your mob.

    (BTW: is that oversized garden gnome – Blair – still your pet Pie?)


  2. In answer to your question, ” Does anyone like Milney?”
    It’s an emphatic, ” Yes! ” from me. Love the guy.

  3. Lord Bogan says

    Solid last quarter Danni. I’d love to see Bucks coach a relatively full-strength team for a month before we judge him. He hasn’t had much luck, but as is always the case at Pieland – expectations are high. Witts showed a bit and Kennedy was quite poised for a debutante. Once we get Beams and Ball back we will be hard to beat.

    I’m worried about Blair’s hair though. Why is he copying Leonard from Big Bang Theory? A bit dodgy.

  4. Danielle says

    Thanks for your kind words cuz Richard haha I feel like we are related even though we aren’t and have never met. :)
    LOL Sorry but I just really can’t stand HIM.
    And yes BlairyBear is still my ‘pet pie’ haha.

    Why Lou?…why?!

    I don’t even think that last quarter was solid Lord Bogan. It was messy but we got there in the end. I agree, id love to see what he can do with a full-strength team!
    Im still waiting for Daisy to get back to his old self, he’s gone a little quiet as has Fasolo.
    Lol I love Blairy’s hair, who knew he had such cute little curls!

  5. Stephen Cooke says

    I agree with the Collingwood fan I met yesterday – Eddie did the wrong thing sacking Malthouse and replacing him with an untried coach.

  6. Danielle says

    Cookie, no he didn’t!!!!! ???? ????
    This move is going to pay off I tell ya! ????

  7. Richard Naco says

    “who knew he had such cute little curls”?

    Who knew he needed a hair transplant so young, or that they use hairs from down there for the procedure???

    You do know that we’re cousins somewhere down the line, Danni. You’re of Lebanese descent, my wife’s the same, and so in a country about the size of the Bellarine Peninsula we’re more than likely genetically connected somewhere down our respective family trees.

    And within the context of our mutual culture, you’ll also appreciate that you and I both know that being (potentially) cousins in law 3,728 times removed practically makes us close and immediate family. (Tell me I’m wrong here – lol.)

    Dunno where this monochrome mania entered your line though?

  8. Danielle says

    lol :O and just like any other cousin in law you’ve managed to make a conversation..awks lol

    do I need a sequel, leave blairy alone piece?!

  9. David Downer says

    Hi Danni, just as you have a non-fondness for Milne, the following would not be considered among my favourite players….

    Tony Shaw
    Gordon Coventry
    Wayne Richardson
    Len Thompson
    Scott Burns
    Jock McHale
    Nathan Buckley
    Gavin Brown
    Harry Collier
    Lou Richards
    Peter Daicos
    Gavin Crosisca
    Phonse Kyne
    Ben Johnson
    Simon Prestigiacomo
    Dick Lee
    Syd Coventry
    Tarkyn Lockyer
    Shane OBree
    Les Hughes
    Leon Davis
    Anthony Rocca
    Charlie Dibbs
    Ross Dunne
    Alan Didak
    Bill Picken
    Max Richardson
    Albert Collier
    Damian Monkhorst
    Dane Swan
    Graham Wright
    Josh Fraser
    Jack Regan
    Chris Tarrant
    Shane Morwood
    Ted Rowell
    Bill Twomey
    Paul Williams
    Ronnie Wearmouth
    Percy Wilson
    Des Tuddenham
    Ted Potter
    Scott Russell
    Paul Licuria
    Albert Pannam
    Nick Maxwell
    Thorold Merrett
    Murray Weideman
    Peter McKenna
    Travis Cloke
    Charlie Pannam
    Neil Mann
    Peter Lucas
    Arthur Leach
    Len Murphy
    Marcus Whelan
    Ron Kingston
    Peter Moore
    Jack Monohan
    Harold Rumney
    Gordon Hocking
    Ken Turner
    Denis Banks
    Harry OBrien
    Terry Waters
    Jack Murphy
    Ray Gabelich
    Peter McCormack
    Jamie Turner
    Kevin Rose
    Barry Price
    Shane Wakelin
    Heath Shaw
    George Angus
    Percy Gibb
    Bob Makeham
    Michael Twomey
    Saverio Rocca
    Dale Thomas
    Harry Chesswas
    Percy Bowyer
    Jack Hamilton
    Rene Kink
    Scott Pendlebury
    Bob Rose
    Mick McGuane
    Ricky Barham
    Dick Condon
    Des Healey
    Jack Beveridge
    Fred Froude
    Charlie Laxton
    Darren Millane
    Ray Shaw
    James Clement
    Frank Murphy
    Alec Mutch
    John Henderson
    Bob Rush
    Leo Wescott
    Ron Richards
    Jack Ross
    Michael Gayfer
    Tony Francis
    Shane Kerrison
    Mark Richardson
    Shane Watson
    Billy Libbis
    Jim Sadler
    Harry Saunders
    Mark Williams
    George Clayden
    Alan Atkinson
    Frank Tuck
    Michael Christian
    Lardie Tulloch
    Denis OCallaghan
    Jack Green
    Errol Hutchesson
    Graeme Jenkin
    Ernie Wilson
    Charles Utting
    Craig Starcevich
    Ron McKeown
    Ryan Lonie
    Harry Curtis
    Ron Reeves
    Phil Manassa
    Craig Kelly
    Robert Dean
    Ray Byrne
    James Manson
    Brodie Holland
    Alf Dummett
    Matthew Fell
    Alan Williams
    Craig Stewart
    Laurie Hill
    David Cloke
    Alan Richardson
    Alan Toovey
    Des Fothergill
    Kevin Wade
    Brian Gray
    Maurie Sheehy
    Bervyn Woods
    Con Britt
    Andrew Ireland
    Bill Proudfoot
    Jack Green
    George Hams
    Charlie Brown
    John Greening
    Charles Tyson
    Bob Heard
    Frank Hailwood
    George Anderson
    Jack Knight
    Mal Seddon
    Jeff Clifton
    Craig Davis
    Wes Fellowes
    Con McCarthy

    No, actually Pendlebury’s ok, take him out.


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