Don’t take the mickey Mick

So I bet you are all wondering, why is Travis Cloke playing so badly? Well you can stop racking your brains and coming up with that list because Mick Malthouse thinks he knows the answer.

Yes Travis has been double teamed in the past and yes last week the delivery to the big number 32 was shockin’ BUT it seems there is a bigger reason to Cloke’s performance slump, according to the Gospel of Mick. It is us, the fans, the black and white faithful, we are to blame for Trav’s shocking set shots and dropped marks. (apparently)

We shouldn’t vent our frustrations on a our FORWARD who can’t aim for the middle of the big sticks, no! Shame on us for expecting our forward to kick at least two goals a game :O

We shouldn’t be cut up on the fact that he wants money that he isn’t earning on the field, how silly of us to want to see a player backup his price tag with his performance in front of goal.

We shouldn’t jeer after he misses from 20m out or after he kicks his third behind for the night and we’re trailing on the scoreboard, no!

So Mick,  if the solution is as simple as cheering and supporting instead of jeering then NO PROBLEM MAN *Jamaican accent*

Travis I LOVE YOU, you are AMAZING!

You CAN kick a bag, I BELIEVE IN YOU!


(now ya better kick some bloody goals -.- )

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Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. Andrew Starkie says

    Dani, Trav needs to stop listening to others, family included, and ask himself what he wants out of footy. What are his priorities? Premierships or backyard pools?

  2. Exactly Andrew, how much does a pool cost these days anyway, a mill? lol

  3. Collingwood have upped the Cloke offer to $800K.
    But he still won’t go.
    He says he’ll stay and keep sabotaging them unless they offer $900K for him to go.
    Gee….. bar Pendlebury they looked pretty disinterested tonight. Swanny – who I have a lot of time for – was just going through the motions. Figjam won a pal there.
    Harry O spat it, and Daisy was a shadow. The Eagles ran a defensive tag on Shaw. He tried hard but lost it when he could not get clear to run. Tarrant is waiting for the pension cheque. Dawes makes Will Minson look like Gary Ablett.
    Fasolo, Didak, Ben Johnson worked hard. Sidebottom and Beams got touches but were not dangerous.
    It is hard to see that they are a serious finals threat even with Jolly and Maxwell back.
    I expected to win but not so easily and for our midfield to be so dominant.
    There must be something amiss internally at Pieland, because there were too many good players gone missing tonight.
    Happy days.
    Speaking of underperforming rabble – how about those Blues.
    Bloody Litza – I was relying on you to dispatch the Dockers for me. We will just have to beat the Hawks ourselves now. You just can’t get good help any more.

  4. Peter, i can’t disagree all my boys seemed to be putting in half efforts and let the Eagles take all the space. it seemed like there was always more Eagles around the ball than Magpies. Low blow loss, next week looks good though.

  5. Mick to Carlton and Cloke to go with him. Remember what Mick said last week. Who else will go to Les Bleuz Danni?

  6. Andrew Starkie says

    Mick’s circling vulture act has been very ordinary, but no shock. He’s waged a public campaign for the last two years, to firstly keep his job at Collingwood and when that didn’t work, smoke out another gig elsewhere. Just so happens it may be Carlton. They’re perfect for each other. If he takes Trav, so be it.

  7. re- Mick
    ..So that whole lie detector thing with BT wasn’t real or?
    bc he was asked and he said no and it detected he was telling the truth…hmmmm

  8. Easter bunny, Santa, Truth and Justice, Lie Detectors……………………….

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