Almanac Local Footy: Wanted – one second-hand scoreboard clock

Mordialloc Football Club, in Melbourne’s south, is on the lookout for a second-hand (so to speak) scoreboard clock. The Scoreboard Pressure website is trying to help. (And we’re happy to help them – Ed).

July 4 1968 – Global protests and suburban footy

Glen looks back fifty years to a time of political upheaval and couches some footy against it for good measure

Local Footy: The club where Blunnies mattered

Matt Zurbo’s first footy club (many years ago) was a suburban club where the blokes worked hard and played hard. Young Matt Zurbo was made welcome because of his Blundstone boots. Not footy boots. His work boots.

Grand Final 2016: Is he the Messiah, or just a naughty little boy?

With the Big Dance fast approaching, aussiegus lauds the efforts of the unfashionable Luke Beveridge and his suburban-esque coaching of the Western Bulldogs.

Shannon Leatch a Future Star?

By Martin Marpol It was by a chance throw away comment during a lunch in February, that the name Shannon Leatch entered my mind. However, this name would very soon be at the forefront of much of my thoughts as I began to watch what I believe could, if given the chance, be a future [Read more]

Local Footy: Vermont forwards show the value of keeping your mind on the game

By Paul Daffey Five minutes after the siren went at Vermont to signal a comfortable, eight-goal win for the home team over Eastern Football League rival Blackburn on Saturday, I cut my son from the herd of kids swarming across the playground and told him we were going to the dressing-rooms to say hello to [Read more]