Almanac Footy – The 2016 Grand Final: Western Bulldogs v Sydney Swans

In the lead-up to Saturday’s big match, The Footy Almanac continues its coverage of Grand Finals involving either or both of this year’s combatants. Today it’s the turn of the Western Bulldogs and their landmark 2016 victory over the Sydney Swans.

Almanac Footy: Life in Ten Grand Finals

Peter Baulderstone shares Grand Final memories. Not just the winning or the losing. It’s the time, the place, the people we shared it with that sticks with us. What are your Grand Final memories beyond the result?

The day I saw the Bulldogs win the Grand Final.

Five years ago, as the Bulldogs prepared for the 2016 Grand Final, Neil Anderson recalled attending the 1954 Grand Final. between Footscray and Melbourne.

The Doggies Almanac 2016: Cover Boy!

Liam Picken bobs up in all the right places.

Ode to Bob Murphy et al

On the eve of Bob Murphy and Matty Boyd’s retirements, NicMac (Nicole McKay) pays tribute to seven wonderful Doggies players. [NicMac is full of long-term Doggies glow – it’s not just about 2016 – Ed]

Bulldogs Mecca!

Chance encounters and belonging to a tribe; Paulie Stewart’s story has both.

Memoir: A Life Following the Dogs

Les Currie has spent his life supporting his beloved Bulldogs. Motivated by a spirit of rejoicing, he tells his story. [Great stuff Les – JTH]

A few memories of the two footy teams in the 2016 AFL Grand Final

Jakarta based Geoffrey Gold penned this personal tribute to the two competing teams before last year’s GF. (How many of the 1984 Swans pictured can you name?)

Hawkology III: In the night garden, with Kolchak the night stalker whistling in the wind.

A Hawthorn romp through the 2016 finals and the post-season player exodus which finishes with the hope of 2017 and the return of Roughie. [An entertaining romp which includes rare Hawks acknowledgement of an opposing side. – Ed]

Round 6 – North Melbourne v Western Bulldogs: Bleeding Red, White & Blue

Where were you in Round 6? Adrian Whear with a beauty of perspective, of history, of luck and of navigating our way.

Luke Beveridge, the Bulldogs faithful, and Play On

Footy means so much to so many. Just ask a Doggies supporter. In his book Play On (from the Loose Men Everywhere section) John Harms considered why. Luke Beveridge read an extract from Play On at the club celebrations last night. Here’s what the much-loved coach read.

2016 Grand Final – Sydney v Western Bulldogs: Guilt, doubt and freebies: the view from the corporate seats.

Sean Curtain gives a really honest account (as he always does) of his feelings about the 2016 Grand Final. It’s a confession of sorts – or at least an admission. [Excellent piece – JTH]

Grand Final 2016 – Sydney v Western Bulldogs: Typical

On tour with his band in the US, Penk Etham, sadly couldn’t make it back to Melbourne to see his beloved Bulldogs win the flag. A cracking night was had, post gig, in a Memphis bar watching the game. The glorious, beautiful confusion of your team winning. (Wonderful debut for The Almanac Penk, welcome! – Ed)

Fearless’s Finals Review

Fearless with his summary of the last two weeks of AFL season 2016. Interesting reading from this distance of weeks. [What do you remember as being pivotal in those games? – Ed]

Grand Final Sydney v Western Bulldogs: the final kick in the guts

Craig Dodson is a lone Swan living in the western suburbs of Melbourne, trying his best to swim against a powerful rip current. How much more can he take?

Grand Final – Sydney v Western Bulldogs: Tension and excitement

Joey Barnard [aged 9] relives the tension of the AFL Grand Final.

Grand Final 2016 – Sydney v Western Bulldogs: The Winds From the West

Who can remember the details of a lost Grand Final? A DVD and a bag of lemons as Mathilde de Hauteclocque practices the calm now the storm is over.

Grand Final 2016 – Sydney v Western Bulldogs: They Made It

Die hard Doggie Alex Docherty’s Grand Final. “It was arguably the most important and greatest newspaper I’ve ever picked up in my life.”

The Spirit of the Dog – as observed by Jim Ingram

This is a remarkable story of death and life at the MCG.

The 2016 Luke Beveridge Cup

Earl O’Neill has been playing ‘Wild Thing.’ Check out where that takes a thoughtful sportsfan. “Footscray Football Club is a corporate entity too. It’s the Twenty First Century, folks, no-one gets to be successful otherwise.”