Local Footy: The club where Blunnies mattered

Matt Zurbo’s first footy club (many years ago) was a suburban club where the blokes worked hard and played hard. Young Matt Zurbo was made welcome because of his Blundstone boots. Not footy boots. His work boots.

My first boots

My first footy boots were the aptly named Blue Star. Apt, as I am pretty sure that they were made by Rossiter’s in Unley and of course there were an abundance of star Blues footballers from that postcode (if indeed the PMG had implemented postcodes in 1971) and most of them seemed to be kitted [Read more]

Cleaning the boots: A father’s story

It was the night before the big game against Phillip Island. Our eldest son Sasha  (9) wanted to clean his soccer boots, he was totally excited. Sasha and cleaning don’t go that well together. I quickly reflected. This could be a time for father and son sharing- and a chance to teach him how to [Read more]