Almanac Golf: A Masterful Display

The US Masters Tournament should be on everyone’s bucket list says Aussiegus, not only for its wonderful golf but also for the many surprises it throws up. This story was previously published on the Footy Almanac site in 2016.

Grand Final 2016: Is he the Messiah, or just a naughty little boy?

With the Big Dance fast approaching, aussiegus lauds the efforts of the unfashionable Luke Beveridge and his suburban-esque coaching of the Western Bulldogs.

They Dont Make Them Like They Used To

Personal tribute to Jon English by Aussiegus and the reality of time.

The Great Russini – A one trick pony or man of wisdom.

Aussiegus looks at the cyclic changing of our sporting lives as the season’s weather decides which ball will be chased.

Pearce off Jack

An animal reference has once again graced our sporting pages, Aussiegus provides perspective.

I Don’t Love You Anymore

At once poetic and succinct, an Essendon supporter, Aussiegus, conflates the emotional and the rational in a poignant expression of his position on James Hird.

Yin and Yang – We Love Balance

All is in balance and symmetry in the world of AFL according to a karmic Aussiegus.

AFL 2014 : A synopsis inspired by Paul Kelly

Music legend and Rock Dog stalwart Paul Kelly certainly loves his footy. No doubt he would approve of this unique and amazingly accurate look at the AFL world. (Now updated to include the Saints!! – Ed!)

Shane Warne 1 for 1

Aussiegus contemplates the role of supercoach Shane Warne in the momentous Australian victory.

Sport unfolds 140 characters at a time

Aussiegus is not one for technology, yet has come to rely on Twitter insofar as following sport is concerned.