Almanac Local Footy: Wanted – one second-hand scoreboard clock

Mordialloc Football Club, in Melbourne’s south, is on the lookout for a second-hand (so to speak) scoreboard clock. The Scoreboard Pressure website is trying to help. (And we’re happy to help them – Ed).

Photo Gallery – Whitsunday Sea Eagles scoreboard

Sasha Lennon visited the Whitsundays and took great shots of the Whitsunday Sea Eagles scoreboard. What are your favourite community footy club scoreboards?

The Ilfracombe scoreboard

Scoreboard Pressure welcomes aboard Sasha Lennon, whose first contribution to the unofficial national register of scoreboards is the rugby league scoreboard in Ilfracombe, central west Queensland.

Wanted: Grand Final scoreboard photos

Scoreboard Pressure, the Les Everett-Vin Maskell website all about scoreboards, is planning its third annual Grand Finals feature. They are calling for photos of scoreboards at local Grand Finals over the next fortnight.

How to Watch Footy (part 11): Seconds, guests and postcodes

The new Bendigo Gold club, replacing the Bendigo Bombers, is struggling, as is Vin Maskell, charged with the responsibility of manning an electronic scoreboard with a life of its own.

How to Watch Footy, part 5

Vin Maskell is in his element this week – in charge of the scoreboard during the traditional Werribee-Williamstown clash. Bliss.

Do you know these footy grounds?

Les Everett wants more information on footy in some far-flung places. Can you help?

The 2011 Boxing Day scoreboard quiz

Photos by Les Everett The classic old manual scoreboard at the city end of the  MCG  stood for many a year. It told the story of a cricket match from beginning to end, and was probably photographed by many a footy fan just after the Grand Final siren. It has also been immortalised in a [Read more]

Century up for Adelaide Oval scoreboard

The Adelaide Oval scoreboard turned 100 years old on 3 November.

Grand Final Scoreboards

Scoreboard Pressure, the website dedicated to scoreboards, is featuring Grand Final scoreboards over the next few weeks. First up are scoreboards from the 1977 VFL, 1986 WAFL, 1990 TFL, 1998 VFL(VFA) Grand Finals. Part 2’s looking like: 1973 WAFL, 1999 AFL, 2002 WAFL, 2008 VFL and 2010 GSFL (WA). Then part 3 will be a [Read more]

Deep inside the Junction Oval scoreboard

When was the Junction Oval scoreboard built? What is its official name? Who rolls the numbers from inside the scoreboard? How many pulleys and panels are part of the scoreboard? Who is Julia and how old is she? What is the future of the Junction Oval scoreboard?   You’ll find the answers to these questions [Read more]

Time ticking for the Port Melbourne scoreboard

Peter Vesty is not sentimental about  his home away from home for the past 30 years, the Port Melbourne scoreboard. “I’d like to blow it up or burn it down,” he says, in-between hanging up numbers for a reserves match between Port Melbourne and Werribee. Read more about Peter Vesty and about the 80 year [Read more]

So what’s the score?

There’s been a lot in the media recently about the ugly parent syndrome at junior football matches, where feral mums and dads disgrace themselves by behaving badly on the sidelines. But what about the technologically-challenged parent syndrome? The game is definitely changing. I’ve had a go at most things in following the footy career of [Read more]

The Final Game

If you could die peacefullyon a footy ground, where would it be? Centre circle, goal square, back pocket? And wouldn’t it be handy if there was a cemetery, with headstones a bit like goalposts, just behind the scoreboard? While visiting the Oakleigh ground this week Vin Maskell met an old Devils’ supporter. More details at  [Read more]

Deconstructing Collingwood, part 2

Is an old VFL footy ground still a fair dinkum footy ground if it doesn’t have a fair-dinkum old-fashioned scoreboard? The Collingwood landmark what was the 1966 Victoria Park scoreboard was pulled down last January, as part of turning the ground into a community space.

Scoreboard Pressure, the website

Almanackers Les Everett and Vin Maskell have never met but they share an affinity for photographing and philosophising about scoreboards. is a fledgling website inspired by Australian Rules football scoreboards. The blog celebrates the fact that while all footy scoreboards have the same basic function, they can differ from ground to ground, and from [Read more]