Finals Week 3 – Port Adelaide v Richmond: The better angels of our nature

I didn’t realise mild-mannered John Green had this in him. He reports on the Port-Richmond match which seems to have added bonuses.

Finals Week 3 – Port Adelaide v Richmond: Another option

Paddy Grindlay depicts snippets which construct a picture of a high-pressure game which was crazy-random at times and predictable at others. [Some tremendous observations in this – Ed]]

1971 SANFL Mobil Cards – Part 5: Port Adelaide

If your subject is the SANFL, then you will inevitably find yourself discussing Port Adelaide. Swish Schwerdt’s 1971 Mobil footy card series stops off at Alberton Oval.

Round 5 – Brisbane v Port Adelaide (a sort of preview): And so it goes

Shane Reid considers local footy in Gippsland, carries out a holiday ritual, and prepares for the top-of-the-ladder clash between his Lions and Port Adelaide. [Excellent pic of Won Wron footy ground – JTH]

Round 2 – Port Adelaide v Adelaide: SA Leading the Way

Daryl Schramm was one of 2000 people in the crowd at the Adelaide Oval on Saturday night. He saw a powerful performance from Port Adelaide.

The Footy Almanac 2007 Round 6 – Melbourne v Port Adelaide: The trouble with umpires

“As if the Dees didn’t have enough problems with dodgy draft picks, why did the umpires have to give them a hard time, too?” Mark Freeman may well have asked. Why indeed?

The Footy Almanac 2007 Round 1 – Fremantle v Port Adelaide

From the Footy Almanac 2007, WA correspondent Les Everett, reported on the match between Fremantle and Port Adelaide. A 10 goal third quarter by the Power set up their victory.

SANFL Grand Final: Our Grand Final

Mickey Randall and his lads watched Glenelg salute in the SANFL Grand Final. Even the trauma of the Popcorn Chicken Incident couldn’t spoil the fun.

Round 7 – Collingwood v Port Adelaide: Floreat Pica Society Report

Our FPS correspondent (Richard Moody) is no fan of Docklands, but he’s a fan of the Pies and their classy outfit, as they notch another strong win. [Some interesting nicknames in there – Ed]

Round 21 – Port Adelaide v West Coast: Ergo, therefore, consequently, accordingly and that’s all folks

A short but not-so-sweet report from Dan Hansen as he captures in a few lines the feeling of seeing Port’s season slipping away.

Round 12 – Port Adelaide v Richmond: Up against it in Adelaide

A trip to Adelaide for Port v Richmond is filled with memories for Cheryl Critchley – not so pleasant ones. But the Tiges were undermanned.

Round 12 – Port Adelaide v Richmond: Hold that Tiger

Tigers fan John Green is cranky. Mainly cranky with clubs and their songs. In this match report he has some advice for Port and a suggestion for Richmond. [To be read in the spirit intended! Ed]

Round 9 – Port Adelaide v Gold Coast: Port’s China Syndrome

Chris Michaels sees the benefits for Port Adelaide playing in China, both on and off the field.

Round 8 – Port Adelaide v Adelaide: A Showdown for the Ages Reignites Past and Present Hostilities

Port and Adelaide don’t really get on. Chris Michaels provides the back story to Ken Hinkley’s animated post-victory response.

Round 7 – West Coast v Port Adelaide: Port will learn that only one game can bring salvation

Scars both recent and long-past burn for Chris Michaels; the only cure is to settle the score. Unfortunately for Port Adelaide, the heartbreak of an extra-time finals loss wasn’t enough to kick-start the journey to redemption.

Killa: the Alan Killigrew years at Norwood

“After all, what is a football club?  It is grass in the middle, posts at the ends, and bricks and mortar.  It’s the people that give it soul.  A football club is a living body”. Those reflective words penned by Alan Killigrew, say a lot about the man and his remarkable football journey that had a profound impact on so many people.

Round 2 – Adelaide v Richmond: Welcome Home Bryce Gibbs

Michael Sexton remembers Bryce Gibbs as a 17-year-old from Glenelg with a drop punt that made you purr, and a Zen calmness that defied his age, and has watched him with pride in becoming the champion footballer he is today.

Round 1 – Port Adelaide v Fremantle: Welcome back football, my old friend.

Chris Michaels has bought into the potential of this Port Adelaide side, who were a class above Fremantle. Could it be the start of something special in 2018?

GWS on same track as early Power?

Jake Rachwalski looks at the performances of the expansion teams in their efforts to win, or hopefully win an AFL Premiership. Whilst premierships are never a guarantee, Jake believes it’s a safe bet to say the Giants may follow Port Adelaide and take home a flag sometime over the next three seasons.

Have a Little Faith

Although a difficult year for North supporter Marnie, she’s still feeling alright. Her tip to surviving? Belief. Belief in her club and the future it’s promised. A true believer!