Where have all the goalkickers gone…….long time passin’

Mark Seja yearns for the days of 100 goal a year key forwards. Will we ever see their likes again?

AFL Round 6 – Adelaide v Hawthorn: Cloudy with a chance of Hawks

Mark Seja believes the Crows have settled into the “comfort zone” of the coach/player relationship.

AFL Round 3: Showdown XXXIV

I, for one, am looking forward to attending the first Showdown of the year between the Adelaide Crows and Port Power.  It will also be a showdown of a more personal nature as the director of finances and all things is a firm Power supporter while I will be supporting the Crows – albeit in [Read more]

Mixed feelings about Power

Mark Seja signed his wife up as a (hush, hush) Port Adelaide member and says there’s definitely something in the air at Alberton.