AFL Round 15 – Adelaide Crows v Port Adelaide: Showdown at the Bob Neil Bar

The day looms large – Showdown 37 with the Crows needing a win to keep their season alive. Port with a win to continue their push for top 2 and the coveted reward of home finals. I am out and about before the game selling raffle tickets for Down Syndrome.  There is a real vibe and energy about the place. Who would have thought little old Adelaide becoming the cornerstone of the competition and carrying the can for the AFL re crowds? What odds when the draw was released would you have got on the Showdown being the highest attended game of the round?


Rod Marsh and Dennis Lillee wouldn’t have taken the 500 to 1 odds!


I am not confident until football imbecile, Jake Bushell texts and says Port to win by 53 points and Hartlett to dominate. Hell with his knowledge of footy we are a shoe in!


I head to Bob Neil number 1 to watch the game at the Uni Oval bar , when Brodie Martin who had been at the home of football yesterday to watch the Blacks continue their resurgence beating Tea Hee Gully, sucks  Jackson Trengove in and the Crows 1st goal results . Hartlett soon replies (only thing he did all day) and it soon develops in to a fast frenetic game. White who has been an amazing pick up for the Power and in contention for recruit of the year burns Reilly off to kick one of the goals of the year. Radar should have called for a motor bike. Port are looking the better side but the Crows are hanging in there , The Luke’s in Helicopter pilot , Luke Thompson in his 1st game since the 2013 Preliminary final and Brown are performing resolutely in defence .


Gray and Wingard have looked dangerous at times but in general have been well held. Monfries playing defensively while curtailing some of Smith’s dangerous carry and rebound has been lost as an attacking weapon. Dangerfield while still trying to do too much on occasions has still done some freakish amazing things which only the elite of the game can do. Half time arrives with the Power up by ten points but it is well and truly game on. The Adelaide Uni FC bar is not actually pumping so half time provides Ben Smelt, Brodie Borg and myself time to do some necessary clean up and locking away of gear of which the highlight was some guy having a kick on the hallowed turf (Boz!) goes arse up, covered in mud, and he makes a quiet retreat. We also enjoy chatting about yesterday’s game where Brodie is quite rightly enjoying the praise of taking Mitch Sandery to the cleaners.


The 2nd half commences where, Sauce Jacobs who has been on top in the 1st half starts to dominate taking Matte Lobbe apart. A rare pants down job for the gun Power ruckman. Is his workload and no respite available for the Power going to hurt them in the long run? Scott Thompson in particular gets on top in the clinches and while Wines and Boak have been good for the Power, Brad Ebert is having a stinker just trying too hard; too hyped and giving away some dumb free kicks. Batman Sloane is providing his usual run and work rate while Brad Crouch returning from injury is a welcome addition. Hooray! Jason Porplyzia is finally included his ball use and awareness are still sensational. It was in his best interests to move on in this case loyalty hasn’t paid off. I hope he is used correctly for the rest of the season! (How handy would he have been for the rabble at Punt Road?).


At 3 qtr time the Crows are in front and looking the better side. An important smother and then incredible pick up from Danger and give off to B Crouch provides an important goal. Smelty makes the comment “has there been a better payer below his knees picking the ball up when going flat out than Dangerfield?” Great point big fella!


Port continues to look dangerous and capable of multiple quick goals. When this is a possibility enter 1, Eddie Betts who kicks another incredible goal from the same pocket as against the Roos. Wayne “Screecher” Abrey who with the girl guides have gone down today, notices Eddie makes a beeline for the same youngster who was the 1st person Eddie noticed against the Roos. Giving him a high five and also finding him after the game to give him a footy. Well played, Sir Eddie. Eddie kicks another 1 and the Crows on their on-week duly salute!


Can the Crows actually find some consistency? How will Port cope with losing Trengove and Carlisle for an extended period ? These Questions and more await!


My votes Jacobs 3, Thompson 2 Dangerfield 1


Adelaide 14 15 99 def Port 10 16 76


Goal Kickers:

Adelaide: Betts 4, Jacobs 3, Walker 2, Dangerfield, Thompson, Jenkins, Porplycia, Crouch.

Port Adelaide: Polec 3, Schulz 2, Hartlett, Book, White.


Best Players:

Adelaide: Jacobs, Thompson, Dangerfield, Tahlia, Sloane, B Crouch, Betts, B Neil

Port Adelaide: Wines, Book, White, Polec


  1. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Just like being there ‘book.

    But surely it was Showdown XXXVII

    I seem to remember that A McLeod was once called ‘the best footballer with balls below his knees’

  2. Rabid Dog says

    Thanks Book. Thought of dropping into the Long Room bar for a beer before the game but didn’t think I’d get out of there… We’ll see if THAT prophesy holds true for the Hawks game.

  3. Beautiful work again Malcolm. Interesting ploy the Monfries one. How did you rate it by game’s end?

  4. Nice write up Rulebook. Good to see you talking about the real Eddie Eddie Betts cult hero recruit of the year. I bet Carlton wouldn’t mind him now. Were the 500 to 1 odds you quoted the odds of getting half track Harry to comment on this post?

  5. Luke Reynolds says

    Very entertaining Malcolm. Though I reckon R.Marsh and DK would’ve had a crack at almost anything that was offering 500/1!!

  6. Andrew McLeod says

    Dangerfield can take the plaudits. He never played in a Scum premiership though.

  7. Campbell says

    Very good article again Malcolm. Eddie Betts is a great recruit, I enjoyed bowing down to him with the rest of the crowd in the 4th quarter.

  8. Nice write up Book. I thought Jacobs, Sloane and Danger were their best whilst we lacked in and under players and hardness at the ball carriers. Can’t believe they dropped Porp’s this week though. Power may struggle this week against Essendon with a distinct lack of key defensive players.

  9. Well said ashy, let’s hope it’s a sign of things to come for the crows
    I reckon port will only just make. The four from here.

  10. Nice one ‘book.

    The Homemaker and I had a perfect side-on view of the Dangerfield pickup in the last quarter… It blew my socks off – he was going that fast, unbelievable to witness!
    Very rarely does the ball go behind him.

  11. Brodie Borg would’ve kept Gray to <10 touches


  13. Shane "Nev" Knevitt says

    I thought the Crows played well, looked hungry and produced an unexpected result.
    On current form I had to tip against them this week (GWS), they still have to prove they can put two good games together before I take them seriously.
    A couple of key injuries to Port may have an impact on their top 2 hope for the finals. It would be sad to see injuries play a role this late in what has been a great season for the Port Adelaide Football club.
    On a selfish note, I would like to see a few more Port (AFL) players go down with injury so the premiership chances of my SANFL side increase.
    Go you blues! (Sturt)

  14. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says


    Is that an ASADA (Almanac Stuff Always Deadly Accurate) Show Crows notice?

  15. Malcolm Ashwood says

    1 It was James Hird , he is the messiah , never lies , never does any thing wrong he posted the crows best players
    2 The crows go on about the 19th man re score involvements surely there for the most famous , SA footballer ever can get credited in a great win with making , BPs !
    ( swish wish I had your ability re from the advertiser in 88 when , Paul Claric wrote the preview about Uni bringing in , Bob Neil sought by several , VFL sides etc when
    Am league didn’t see the funny side of it ! )

  16. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Raj as much chance of getting half track , Hazza to post a comment as Bushy to make a sensible logical sporting comment impossible !
    Daddsy can see exactly why the power did the bombers had successfully reduced , Smiths influence last week and having 2 other v dangerous small forwards and that , Monners has a great record re defensive jobs especially on . A McLeod over the journey bit it is very hard to tell just watching on tv players work rates seemingly they robbed , Peter to play Paul !
    Gubby amazed and so pissed off re , Porps yes inj have curtailed him and slowed him down and he is not as strong above his head re his shoulders but at his best he was football royalty with his hands and elite football brain which was on display in the , 3rd q with that pass to Betts . A disgrace that a elite footballer not athlete is not appreciated more
    Pup Dangerfield is a pure freak and a genius at that part of the game .
    Swish v good thanks folks !

  17. Crisp!

  18. Malcolm,

    Putting yourself in the Power’s best 4 players is inappropriate.


  19. Geoffrey Wilson says

    Good summary Malcolm, it was fantastic day, evening and the result made it even better, i dont think Luke Thompson played in the 2013 preliminary final though, that would be 2012. Lets hope its the start of the Crows finals charge and a big push to go deep into September.

  20. Nice work RB – wish I had been there but had a self inflicted concussion from the night before. Highlight would have to have been to see Boz going arse up for sure. from the couch I would have slipped Matty Wright into my top three after Sauce andThommo. I have watched the replay a couple of times and it seemed he was a 4 1/4 (as in chop) contributor making game changing impact on at least half a dozen critical stages. See you at BN soon

  21. Good report Malcolm. Well done for getting on the best player lists with B Neil, good combo!
    I have noticed some Chirpy Crows supporters this week.
    I took in the game over the radio whilst on the move for most of the day. The local MMM coverage became almost “unlistenable” as they emitted yelps and squeals and failed to tell us what was happening. 891, a superior performance.
    I return this week to AO, slightly nervous, but expecting a team looking for revenge.

  22. A real test for the Power over the next month with their injuries and player fatigue so I’ll be looking forward to seeing some other teams punish them. No doubt Rulebook will philosophise about how Port will lose to other teams to keep the Crows out of a spot in the eight…

  23. E.regnans says

    Enjoy these reports OBP, that traverse club footy and AFL footy.
    These two worlds are becoming further and further apart.

  24. Your talent for writing is wasted on here Malcolm , the powers who be at the advertiser should take time out and have a read , informative ,humorous , and written with passion , well done mate

  25. Why would anyone read the Advertiser and the rest of the Murdoch rubbish? You get reliable, honest opinion – always open for debate – here at the Almanac. And uninfluenced by the proprietors (unless you start bagging the Cats).

  26. Nick Raschella says

    Nice write up Book – a serious one – well except for the BP’s.

    You would be happy to see a big man dominate and win the medal. Jacobs dominated for 4 quarters not just the second half when the crows got on top. Trengove out for Port wont be missed just at CHB but in the ruck. Lobbe was tired and Jacobs just beat him up after half time. If Lobbe goes down like Trengove then Port’s season is over in terms of making any meaningful charge to the GF.

    It’s no fluke that Port won last August’s showdown when Trengove went into the ruck for the last half of the last quarter and he jumped over Jacobs. He dominated Sandilands in the last quarter of the Freo game out jumping and tapping to advantage after Renouf spent 3 quarters being ineffectual with his taps but basically jumped in hard to Sandilands body and softening him up for Jacko.

    Sloane is a bloody champion. He must have stopped Port 5 or 6 times in the last quarter with gut running to defend I’d give him second best behind Jacobs. Thompson just will himself to win almost every contest and when the rain came he was the difference at the stoppages and he gets my 3rd best vote.

  27. mariusz danielak says

    good to see you named yourself as port’s second best payer book, crows best i would give 2 votes to top 3, couldn’t split them

  28. Good write up , Rule book but how bout , Tahlia ?

  29. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Shotgun ,Mike D and Placid Pole bloody auto spell correct bullshit changing , Boak to Book ! Damian Wrights 1 per centers and last q was excellent in particular .
    Thanks Peter B and andy true blue roberts ! Papa yes a huge worry that , Lobbe is going to be cooked by September . Thanks guys

  30. well written………….captured the `feel` of the occasion………..keep on writing….cheers & beers perky

  31. Good to see B Neil in the best players, keep it up Book!

  32. i was at the showdown and i dont know what sando had said to the boys before the game but they played there full 4 qts like the supporters have been wanting all season yes we have played a few games with an amazing outcome but to beat port was the best by far.. i cant name who played the best as they all played well yes they made there mistakes which did cost us a bit but as always port played dirty and cheated which the umpires should be punished for.. i think this is our turn around and we have some consistant wins over the next few weeks and make at least top 8th.. i cant stand the advetiser and the way it speaks about the team but thats the media for ya… by the way keep up the good work =)

  33. Steve wood says

    Again we written Malcolm, I was away and didn’t see the game but from what I’ve heard you’re correct with your article; except I reckon marsh and lillee would have taken the odds

  34. Nicely done Ashy.
    Some very interesting perceptions.
    To be a published, in what and for whom I unclear, but in my opinion this piece needs to be less of ‘your’ narrative and more of a critique of the ebb and flow of the emotion of the showdown and what implications that has as not everyone knows, wants or needs the references to individuals removed from the situation.
    I may have misread the situation too!

  35. Wren Thomas says

    Twas a good game, the better team won on the day (sadly ). Sat in a good humoured, well behaved section of the crowd, but sad to see a coward-hit on the way back to the bus. Had to clap Eddie Betts – he was amazing

  36. Cam Bryson says

    Book, enjoyed your summary – yet again.
    I never realised how good Betts was til he joined the Crows this year. He certainly seems to be enjoying his footy.
    Keep up the good work and keep on blaming spellcheck!

  37. Dan Hansen says

    Good write up. The Crows were hungrier in that third quarter and played the better wet weather footy. Disappointing result for us Port supporters. Especially the injuries to Trengove and Carlile. It has made our top two spot shaky and the added bonus of killing off the Crows season is gone.

  38. Martin Leslie says

    Great article Rulebook, a good bit of humor amongst the serious insights.

  39. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    An exercise for Blacks past and present: retro-fit the nickname ‘Spellcheck’ to a past or present player.

  40. Alan de Menezes says

    Malcolm not sure why you had to bring James Hird into your comments above. We all know you have an agenda against him and that is fine too but what has JH got to do with this article of yours? Do you keep pushing your personal agenda with every opportunity that you get? What has James Hird got to do with Adelaide beating Port? You just could not help yourself could you?
    It was a great win by Adelaide but as an Essendon supporter not very happy as we meet them this week so Port will come out all guns blazing. I guess footy is a funny game and anything cxan happen just like the Crows did to Port.

  41. Malcolm- surely among the best games for the year, and a ripper addition to the growing Showdown story.

    Nice combination of analysis and personal recount; a ripper addition to the Ashwood Almanac!

  42. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks folks hopefully the Email explains , Geo . Alan it was a joke re me putting in
    Bob Neil in best players but overall there is way too much footy nous and concern for the game on this site re Ess and Hird . Thanks Every 1 else for commenting appreciated

  43. Troy Hancox says

    Nice read (as always) Malcolm.
    Always good to hear Port go down. Again last night too…. ho hum.

    I just have to comment on the first reply from Mark “Swish” Schwerdt

    A Mcleod is married, best player “with balls below his kness” ;)

    Cheers Rulebook.

  44. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    How does Jared ‘Spellcheck’ Cmrlec sound?

  45. Tom Evans says

    Good read Ashy and a real season defining win for the Camries! Need to win games they ‘are expected too’ win now after setting the bar with that performance

  46. Stewart Edwards says

    Rulebook surely , Eddie Betts in best players with, Bob Neil !

  47. Matthew Wojcik says

    Great win by the Crows!

  48. Your whit is very impressive Book.
    Enjoyed the wrap and keep up the good work!
    I look forward to your next read.

  49. Mike James says

    Enjoyed the write up Book. Interesting observation by Power fitness guru Darren Burgess is that the week after a showdown, one or both teams can be expected to lose a game they “should” win, due to emotional let down.

    Our 20/20 hindsight showed that happened to Port v Bombers, but my question is should the same belief apply to finals? If you win a cliffhanger elimination style final, there’s typically no let down the following week… is that because the incentive of a prelim or grand final is just too big for that. Your thoughts?

  50. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks guys appreciated Jamesey it is interesting surely after you had lost playing at home in front of a packed house with top 2 as the goal is motivation enough in itself re the following week ! Ports record after showdowns is average in itself may be they build it up so much it is virtually a GF so there must be a let down
    ( Blight re after the Crows losing the 1st ever showdown walking in to a very subdued change room and writing 18 on a white board announcing that’s how many minor round games to go there is and it is a marathon not a sprint was a brilliant peice of coaching ) Over all tho there is a week to come up and with the facilities and personnel available these days there should not be a let down ! Like you I would like to see EJ or John Kennedy try and motivate the Chards !

  51. Book, your wrap almost makes me feel I was there! Winning combination to weave a Crows victory, Blacks reminiscing and insightful footy commentary together. You have a gift, sir.
    PS: Love the addition of BN to best players.
    PPS: Nice try with the ‘Boak’ autocorrect to ‘Book’. We all know you wrote what you meant. ;)

  52. Great article R book good to see the legend in the bps ! With the , Greys Tom Harley lunch on friday with many of the punters suitably loosened up for the footy could we see a return of paging , Dr Bob Neil could you contact your rooms. Immediately ?

  53. A nice account. not your best though.

  54. Great read Rule book especially loved the best players

  55. Great Summary Rulebook; great to know we snaffled the two new cult figures from the Blues!!

  56. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Hochers unfortunately I am not smart enough to have thought of the Boak bit
    ( stored in the memory tank tho ) thanks mate
    KOP a distinct possibility re the legend being paged fri night ! Thanks KOP
    Tyro harsh but fair
    Snake thanks and Welcome back !
    Sanj Great point and the crows need both to continue to do so ( funny how people have gone quiet re recruiting , Eddie and his pay packet ! ) thanks folks

  57. Jeff Milton says

    Once again a great read. Not sure that I agree that Bob was only 8th best for the Crows.

  58. Disgraced Former Premier says

    Power have been a bit ginger the last few weeks. Will be intersting to see how the next month or two pans out. B Neil is a worthy inclusion in an BP’s list.

  59. Nice one Rule Book!

    Missed the game, hard to find a place to watch here in London, but nice to have the play by play here.

    Good to see the crows getting up over the power!

  60. Eddie Dadds says

    Great write up Rulebook. Port were lucky to be in the game at all I reckon. Bob Neil BOG by a country mile, robbed of the medal

  61. Excellent report Rulebook. Very comprehensive

    Your use of the english language never ceases to amaze me.

    I really liked Eddie Betts seeking out that young fan again that is one for the ages and something he’ll never forget – a great look for our game.

  62. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Barks, say hi to your mum (I used to live next door)

  63. Another great read Book. Nice call about the crowds, especially given pies vs blues on in the same round.
    Good to see Bob Neil in his rightful place amongst the best!

  64. Great read Book

  65. Tom Martin says

    Just had to re-read this article, as tomorrow I will retrace Brodie Martin’s steps and start with a West End at Uni Oval before crossing the road to Bob Neil #2.

    Will be my first game ever at the Portress, otherwise known as the Crows Fest, after many years and many games at the old girl – pre-facelift and boob job.

    Malcolm – decent read. But not enough Essendon references.

  66. Screecher says

    Good read Book. Clearly the Girl Guids and I have hit the big time in getting a mention in one of your articles.

  67. Malcolm,
    Thanks for the update , I was at the game and it was a game if 2 halves you forgot to mention that prior to half time port had at least 3 gimme shots on goal which only scored behinds ( I know in this game that these opportunities should be taken) having said that in my opinion the Crows we the more desperate and attacking team on the day. Also in my oppion Scott Thompson was BOG as he was at it all day I undetstand Jacobs kicked 3 and took Lobbe Apart and Adelaide completely dominated the midfield. Port were not able to match Adelaides intensity nor the conditions as was seen again last week. Let’s see you next article not be so one sided

  68. Damian Newberry says

    Good Work Rulebook.
    I was thinking about your question in regards to how will Port cope without Trengove and Carlile.
    Richmond answered that question today for you by kicking 19 goals against the Power and the Power sliding to fifth on the ladder.

  69. Good read rulebook!

  70. Tom Fields says

    Great read old fella!
    Port unfortunately starting to hit a bit of wall after the big workload pre season and the minor rounds….work rate both ways not as evident as early on in the year

  71. Brodie Borg says

    Done well Rulebook! Glad to see a few sneaky mentions.

  72. Lovely Lisa says

    Oh autocorrect is a problem Boak!

  73. Lovely Lisa says

    Sorry Book!!!!!

  74. Great write up for a great game!

  75. Good work Malcolm keep it up

  76. Very entertaining r book

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