Almanac Cricket – The best and worst* at the Gabba

In the lead up to the Gabba Test, Dave Brown looks at some of Australia’s good and not so good performers at the venue

Cricket and Politics

Middle Australia is perplexed about Warnie being touted as a potential Australian coach.

Almanac Cricket: An Australian WACA XI

Dave Brown looks at the numbers, and some other things, to pick an Australian XI for the WACA test

Junior Almanac Round 16 – Western Bulldogs v Richmond: In the thick of the trip

Aidan Hammond continues his big Round 16 with a Billy Brownless sighting in Geelong and a plausible theory about why Carlton have the club song on their changeroom wall.

Almanac Cricket: Bait or Barb? Marlon Goes Fishing

In this story about the West Indies’ response to their own T20 victory, dantooms gives us an insight into the meanings the contemporary game contains.

The Ten Commandments of BBL cricket

Dave Brown leads the BBL05 tabernacle choir as he summarises the season in 10 lessons

ICC World Cup Final: Part 1 – the pay TV fiasco

Matt Watson is in chilly Melbourne for the World Cup Final. Here he considers the tournaments impact in Australia, meets Warnie, and considers his relationship with some of the teams – especially New Zealand.

SCG Test, Australia v India – Day Two: Good Blokes

Neither you nor I will ever be as good a bloke or sheila as those good blokes representing Australia – on the field and in the commentary box.

Perth Test – Day 2: There’s Only One Eric Bristow

John Harms watches as the Poms try to arrest their drastic decline, and remembers a low-point in English history. [Includes one of the better descriptions of Warney’s Ball of the Century-Ed]

Boris, The Bunch of Cherries, and The Gatting Ball

Take a walk through the pub memories, both the good and the awful, of international drinker and one-time XXXX champion Mickey Randall. What did AB have to say about the Gatting Ball?

Crio’s Question: Natural captains

Pundits applauded the nomination of Jones as the Demons’ interim skipper. Similar sentiments were sometimes expressed about S.K.Warne.
Which players have been wrongly overlooked for captaincy? And who look “natural” appointments for the future?

Crio’s Question: Relevance Deprivation Syndrome

Shane Warne; Jeff Kennett; who else might be diagnosed with Relevance Deprivation Syndrome?

Sean’s Muppet Manifesto for Australia

Sean Curtain takes inspiration from The Warne Manifesto to come up with his own plan of attack for Cabinet.

The Double Cheese Burger Address

In a shock announcement, Shane Warne has used the release of his Second Manifesto docutweet to announce that he is turning his back on cricket.

Where the shiny-faced meet the shiny-arsed

John Harms looks at the latest Shane Warne instalment.

The Wizardry of Warne

Damian Balassone, inspired by Gideon Haigh’s recent book On Warne, writes of Warne’s most memorable dismissals.

Sri Lanka series a launching pad to greater things

THE first Test match between Australia and Sri Lanka which starts in Hobart tomorrow is a new start for Australia.

The Big Bash: Just a slight change in the direction of the summer

John Harms looks at how the BBL is very AFL and 21st century.

Gideon Haigh on Warne – Brisbane launch

Gideon Haigh launches his new book, On Warne, at Avid Reader Bookshop, West End, Brisbane, on Thursday, November 8.

Hogg vs Warne via Whateley

  By LES EVERETT   Discussion on ABC TV’s Offsiders (Sunday 19 February) turned to Shane Warne’s attempt to make a return to the Australian cricket team. The talk was sparked by a story by Gideon Haigh in the nice-looking new website The Global Mail… Panellist Gerard Whateley suggested a return via the Australian [Read more]