Almanac (Cricket) Teams: My Least Favourite Australian Cricket Side

The Team that Annoys Me


I see that people are selecting teams so I want to select the team that will make me angry, swear at the TV and be embarrassed to be an Australian. These are my all time yucks.


1.        Marsh, Shaun

2.        Graeme Wood

3.        I Chappell

4.        Warner

5.        S Smith

6.        Shane Watson

7.        Gary Gilmour

8.        Rod Marsh

9.        Warne

10.      Glen McGrath

11.       Bruce Reid




Wood in his early days looked a really good player but under performed for his whole career and ran everyone out.


Shaun Marsh gets in because he annoys Bernard Whimpress so much.


Ian Chappell typified all that was boorish of men from the seventies.


Warner and Smith are self-explanatory.


Shane Watson had so much potential before his injuries kicked in but his constant planting of the foot down the wicket and then being out LBW, grrrrrrr.


Gary Gilmour was the most talented cricketer I ever saw but faded away.


Rod Marsh and Dennis Lillee’s appalling treatment of the young Kim Hughes (read the biography) made my stomach crawl. That Hughes has forgiven them shows what a superior human being Hughes has become.


Warne is self explanatory.


McGrath is the greatest bowler to ever played for Australia but his surly, snarly and childish behaviour went a long way to make many Aussie supporters barrack for the opposition back in the Steve Waugh times.


Bruce Reid annoyed me because he was so good but didn’t play enough.







  1. Hard choice to pick a Nuffie captain.

  2. george smith says

    Francis, Bruce (NSW) Davis, Ian (NSW) Dyson, John (NSW) Hilditch, Andrew (NSW) Toohey, Peter (NSW) Benaud, John (NSW) Rixon, Steve (NSW) Whitney, Mike (NSW) Colley, David (NSW) Gilbert, David (NSW) Watkins, John (NSW)

    Seems to be a pattern here doesn’t it. Special mention to Jeff Thomson (NSW) who was selected well before he was ready and bowled an over of wides.

    After the Packer ruckus and all the other upheavals, NSW finally started producing batsmen who could bat and bowlers who could actually take wickets, but not in those days…

  3. Here’s my team. Some will certainly get comments, but I’ve been fortunate (unfortunate?) enough to meet a few – their ‘personalities’ may have shadowed their abilities.
    Shane Watson
    Punter – terrible captain
    Shaun Marsh
    Ian Healy – my mates know my real views!
    Merv Hughes
    Mitch Johnson
    12th – Trevor Chappell.

  4. Colin Ritchie says

    Richie Benaud: he wouldn’t sign my autograph book when I was a kid! Read my Almanac story about the experience,

  5. Phil, here’s my team. There’s a diversity of reasons.

    D Warner: Boorish behaviour, best exemplified by the sand paper performance. If he never plays for Australia again no tears will be shed.

    M Elliot: For reasons unstated here, did not endear himself to his team mates,

    D Bradman: One of the greatest sporting figures of the 20th century. As a person….. His dislike of Catholics was the icing on the cake.Though my family left the faith many years ago, during Bradman’s career they were practising Catholics, thus would never have been considered by him.

    M Clarke: How many Australian captains get booed?

    D Martyn: Similar to M Elliot, had some problems with his teammates. Strange end to his test career.

    D Jones: Unless you were a Victorian, susceptible to the media hype, you’d have not found him overly likable.

    I Johnson: Not overly liked by colleagues. Very close to officialdom. Considered an A grade……. Sorry can’t use that term on a family website.

    R Marsh: Phil has given the reasons clearly enough for this selection.

    S Warne: An all time great. Marvelous on the field, off it ………………………………..

    C McDermott: don’t mention the money,and he won’t.

    S McGill: Why is he not mentioned in any of he other teams? He should be a certain starter in anyone’s side.

    A Hilditch: (12thMan) Bobby Simpsons son in law. Why else was he chosen for Australia?

    Who’d be the coach, or the manager?

    I’m sure Joe the camera man could make a cameo appearance there at some stage.


  6. Ross Treverton says

    Warner x11 for me. And he can carry the drinks as well.

  7. Les Stillman made every other victorian look humble and meek. Was before his time, would have snuggled in nicely in the steve waugh era if only his talent matched his ego.

  8. I Hate Medium Pacers

    Graeme Beard (c)
    John Hastings
    Phil Carlson
    Gary Cosier
    Clint McKay
    Simon Davis
    Peter George
    Trent Copeland
    Scott Muller
    Joe Mennie
    Tony Dell
    Ian Callen (12th)

  9. Robin Bailache has told me that Ian Callen was the best bowler he ever saw that did not have a successful Test career. Said he could be very quick if he wanted to, could swing the ball and bowl cutter if the situation required it.

  10. Phil, I had always thought that Callen’s career was ruined by a back injury, not poor form.

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