Cricket and Politics

US politics dominated the week. And sport and politics are never far away.
1. Given that Warnie (Singular name these days like Pele, Beyonce) is the Donald Trump of Australian Cricket, is no one ever surprised at what he says or does? Or that he keeps saying and doing it. Much like Trump.
But do you think even Warnie sees the irony of the latest conjecture, that he is being touted as the next Australian T20 Cricket Coach? Remember this is the man who described a coach as merely a means of transport and irrelevant to cricket. Sorry rhetorical question. Upon reflection it’s clear that Warnie doesn’t get irony. Or perspective. Again much like Trump. They even have the same hair stylist.
2. And so, to the President Elect. Has anyone noticed that Donald Trump(er) is the amalgam of our two most iconic cricketers?
Another frightening element in a frightening week.
The Editor
The Chairman’s addition: In regards to Warnie potentially being the next Australian T20 coach, how would Cricket Australia feel about having a person who was suspended for a year due to a positive masking agent drug test as a National Coach?


  1. Let’s face it: the World has changed. Bring on Mr Botox. He was a great Skipper, when he was elevated for one reason or another. He’ll make a great coach. Cricket ceased being a Gentleman’s’ Game once it was opened to The Bagmen.

  2. Middle Australia says

    No doubt Mr Botox has a great a cricket brain and would have made a great Test captain. He would also make an excellent coach especially from the tactical side of the game. I still can’t get over the fact he looks like a wax shadow of his former self.

  3. MA
    It all reeks of Cricket Australia attempting to keep Warney inside the tent rather than out of it.

  4. Hey Smokie, why would CA be any different from the appalling football league?

    To me it reeks more of CA attempting to keep the TV ratings up.

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