Almanac Cricket: A whiff of bedlam – Ashes’ Smoke to Fire of the Proteas

Dan Tooms advises (some) caution in assessing the Australian performance across the Ashes series – especially after watching the First Test from South Africa. [Note: links are working now – Ed]

Almanac Cricket: Five reasons Glenn Maxwell is the Ultimate Park Cricketer

Glenn Maxwell is the guy that’s been overlooked despite producing results, the player that has shown up at training each week only to miss the finals, the player that’s done all they can to get better only to have a friend of a captain brought in to a side to fill in. What do you think?

Grand Final 2016 – Giving in to a moment of kindness

Dan Toomey is awake to the power of kindness. He saw it on Saturday.

Round 16 – Carlton v Adelaide: Blue Bagger – The team I love to hate

It is fair to say Dantooms is not fond of Carlton, from their success to failure he hates the Blues with a passion.

Almanac Cricket: Bait or Barb? Marlon Goes Fishing

In this story about the West Indies’ response to their own T20 victory, dantooms gives us an insight into the meanings the contemporary game contains.

Five Revolutionary Minutes

Comrade Dan Toomey is new to the Royal Park Reds, a very famous Melbourne cricket club. He has learned why they are so highly regarded in just a few months. He has also learned they have a major struggle on their hands. [Now that’s what I call club culture – Ed]