Round 1 (2009) – Richmond v Carlton: Ransacked by Visigoths

This piece by John Harms was published just after the opening round in 2009. Stainless Steele’s series reminded us to reprise it here.

The Tigers’ Almanac 2017 Extract: Richo the Hound and the after glow of the Grand Final

The minutes, hours and days which followed the Grand Final win were quite dreamy for Tiges’ fans. Writer James Weston recalls the feeling in his piece published in The Tigers’ Almanac 2017 (details are at the end of this article) in a section called ‘After Glow’.

AFL Round 9 – GWS (aka Harlem Globetrotters) v Richmond: Irrationality, Rationality

The Tigers have fallen just short again in a nail biter for the third week in a row, this time against the AFL’s team of superstars.

Richo: Richmond personified, for better or for worse

He may have retired in 2009 but Richo is still the key to understanding the Richmond Football Club according to Alex Darling

The Eye of the Tiger

Tess Pryor makes her Almanac debut with a beaut story of not being tooted by the great man: Richo. [Welcome Tess – Ed]

Grand Final Week

JTH on some of the festivities from the prelims to the Brownlow to the Grand Final

Richo is back, and his name is Jack

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Hawks pound the Tigers on Saturday night, dishing out a 63 point lesson in all things football. Buddy was at his best, aided by the class of Burgoyne, Sewell, Gibson, Hodge, Ellis, Guerra, Hale and a host of others. The pundits are on the money in predicting a [Read more]


Matty Richardson is known to the people on the ridge. To every one of us. When he was in his prime – fast, unstoppable, winning matches, splitting packs, dominating the air- one of the kids from up here got cancer. Denis was the oldest of six, from a battler’s family, up in the cold drizzle [Read more]