Almanac Football: Port Power and mind power – Travis Boak’s transformation

Tess Pryor interviewed Port Adelaide player Travis Boak about the beneficial changes he has made to his life since his involvement with The Resilence Project.

Almanac Life: The value of a smile when life is a big issue

‘Over ten years, what started as a business transaction between us has morphed into something that can’t be costed. And demonstrates once again the powerful conduit of sport in the priceless act of human connection.’ Tess Pryor shares with us her poignant experiences with Craig, one of the characters of Lygon St.

Almanac Book Review: Back to Broady

Back to Broady, by Caroline van der Pol, is a tale of tragedy and sadness. A memoir about the Egan and Gleeson families in Broadmeadows, it is at times a challenging account. This review by Tess Pryor first appeared in The Australian in July this year.

Grand Final 2016 – Sydney v Western Bulldogs: Son of the ‘scray

“Until last Saturday I had no idea what it meant, what it really meant, to be a son or daughter of the ‘scray.  But I was soon to find out.” Lovely story from Tess Pryor [featuring 93 y-o George, and grandson Matt – whose Doggy dash from San Francisco even brought him to the Almanac GF Eve lunch – Ed].

Almanac Life: Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

On a wet and cold Melbourne day, Tess Pryor’s misery is enlightened by a fellow traveller who barracks for Essendon and “has a dog instaed of a cat.” [Superb – JTH]

When the Universe delivers: a tale of two cricketers

Tess Pryor says the Universe has spoken. Just when it needed to. The story of B. McCullum and M. Clarke. [Liking the gentle sledge – Ed]

A life lesson from Tommy

Life-long Tiger fan Tess Pryor recalls a chance meeting with the late, great Tommy Hafey. “You’re not a legend until someone else says you are!” Terrific yarn with timely perspective.

The Gift of Stawell

The on and off-track action at Stawell is well and truly underway for another Easter. In this unforgettable and moving memoir, Tess Pryor remembers Easter and Stawell Gifts past and her dad, George. Beautiful.

David Essex…..and me

When your adolescent fantasy turns into an adulthood reality. Tess Pryor recalls the in-the-flesh meeting of her teenage idol. [A brilliant and humorous tale – Ed]

Jim, the Olympics and the Forgetting

It is a cold, wet Melbourne day. Tess Pryor – on a mission to have the housework done in time to watch Sally Pearson strut her stuff at the London Olympics, meets old mate Jim struggling to find his friend’s house…

The heart of the Tiger

“In 1992, I had my right knee reconstructed twice in 12 months. I spent more than a year alternating between crutches, knee braces, a walking stick and never-ending expensive physio. These were medieval times before LARS and before Richo.” Thus starts a supporters’ tale of the fraternity of footy fans. [Simple. Delightful. Ed]

The Eye of the Tiger

Tess Pryor makes her Almanac debut with a beaut story of not being tooted by the great man: Richo. [Welcome Tess – Ed]