Fearless 2018: Round 18- The wheat from the chaff is slowly getting sorted…

Fearless presents his thoughts about the Round 18 results.

Round 20 (2009) – Essendon v St Kilda: A fine son

Jobe Watson will retire at the end of the season. He won the Brownlow in 2012, but for a long time he was heavily criticised. We re-visit John Harms’s story about a 2009 match between Essendon and St Kilda.

Round 9 – St Kilda v Essendon: Welcoming visitors with a magnificent win

Guaranteeing an enjoyable weekend of footy for her American mates was foremost on Yvette Wroby’s to-do list. A Saints victory made it that much sweeter.

Round 19 : St Kilda v Fremantle – From San Francisco with flowers in my hair to renewal and inspiration in Istanbul

All the way from Istanbul in Turkey, Jen Muirden sums up the St Kilda v Fremantle game by drawing inspiration from Ed Sheeran.

Saints Go Marching Home.

St.Kilda are not going to make the finals. That is  now official. After a season where we, the huddled masses, watched with a head filled with rationale- We monster the sides below us but we just can’t step up for the big guns. And a heart filled with hope- Geez, Carlton lost to Gold Coast…..and [Read more]

Starting to play like they want it

I took the night off work to go to Friday night footy at the G. Friday being our busiest day/night at the pub and Geelong playing an unfortunate number of Friday night matches this year I’m having to prioritise which games I go to. Grand Final replay was a no-brainer. Thriller. Guaranteed… the first half [Read more]

Visigoths ransack Tigerland

IF THE footy gods do pen the story of every season, they have started this one brilliantly. You can have your “Best of times, worst of times”. Dickens reads like a Funniest Home Videos auto-cue by comparison. Richmond’s performance last Thursday night has provided the perfect opening. We have started with a complication, a question, yet again [Read more]

Talkin’ Hawks Blitzin Blues Blues

“Somebody said they saw me Swinging the world by the tail Bouncing over a white cloud. Killing the Blues”       John Prine The night, the game is still a blur to me, such was the anticipation leading up to the first bounce. By the time the game got under way I was all over the shop. [Read more]

Monday morning, June.

Something is missing. I can’t pick it. Cold morning. The Big Issue seller at North Melbourne station must be feeling it. Should I shout him a coffee? Nah. I’m sure the blokes who run the caf there look after him. A coffee and a muffin. 3 sugars. They’d charge him two bucks. He’s a teammate, [Read more]

Colliwobbles: fact or fantasy?

by Andrew Fithall The Colliwobbles. I thought I would get that word in early because it has already come up in football finals discussions. The other common statement I have heard/read recently is that for the past eight (?) seasons, the premier team has been defeated by the runner up in their previous meeting. I [Read more]

Footy: Sympathy for the Saints

By Susie Giese There are two basic rules to being Susie Giese: love Geelong and hate the Saints. It’s been that way for as long as I can remember. But as this new season looms before us, I’ll admit something I never thought I would: I feel sorry for the Saints’ fans. Genuinely sorry.

Footy: Every time I relive the Grand Final, I’m a joyous Cat all over again

It’s early in the last quarter when I decide to play the reverse psychology card: ‘We’re gone, that’s it.” I say this to my long-time football compatriot, Paul T. It’s all I’ve got left in my hand; the rain is like ice and I’ll know in half an hour whether or not the footy gods [Read more]

Link: Stand up and fight like hell!

Peter Flynn’s rollicking report on the Grand Final in The Footy Almanac 2009 (Go Travis!) concludes with the following memorable scene: On Sunday, I call in at The Lord of the Isles. Chappy signs the Courty ard Bar’s blackboard. I congratulate Chappy. He is humble, gracious and polite. Brilliant. The replay of the last quarter [Read more]

Footy: A touch of gold on black clouds

By John Sawyer I’ve been doing it a bit hard. A bit like Richmond, I suppose. I’ve lost confidence, everything seems to go wrong. Everything seems to be lined up against me, even the bloody AFL are trying to do me down. “I’ve a good mind to write to the ACCC. I’ll make a formal [Read more]

Footy: He missed! No chance of a dry argument after Dons beat Saints

August can be a wicked month; however the day dawned cool and clear. Our young boys were to take on the unbeaten Saints, who had played consistently well for 19 rounds and appeared to be invincible. I had arranged to meet Jen at her apartment by the Yarra in Richmond, and once at the ground [Read more]

AFL Grand Final: A surreal premiership

By Don Walters Now that the Dali exhibition is safely packed into crates and the crowds have ceased surging to the National Gallery of Victoria to see his paintings and sculpture, the truth can be revealed about the Cats blockbuster display at this year’s Premiership. Training, fitness, exquisite skills, hard ball gets, centre clearances, coaching, [Read more]

AFL Grand Final: Victory belongs to the people of Geelong

By Ramon Fowler If there is anyone out there who still doubts that the MCG is a place where all things are possible, who still wonders if the founding spirit of our game is alive in our time, who still questions the sheer magnificence of Australian football, then the 2009 AFL grand final is your [Read more]

AFL Semi-Finals: Bulldogs fire in my first finals match

By Callum O’Connor This year, I had expected to go to the finals. I would be there, urging on my Tigers with my uncle as they played their first final since 2001. Well, here I am. Going to the finals? Check. To watch a big cat team with a relative? Check. Pity it’s the wrong [Read more]

AFL Grand Final: Go St Killdog! Having two teams leaves me doubled up in pain

By Andrew Gigacz If there’s one piece of advice that’s been delivered ad nauseum to investors, it’s that they should diversify. Put all your eggs in a single basket, they say, and you’ll be regretting it when that basket falls under a steamroller. But put a little here and a little there and if one [Read more]

AFL Grand Final – Haiku Bob – a thin mist

    Grand final day every seat taken on the couch   clouds black and blue the crunch of bodies to kill the ball     no goals… wild applause greets a smother     shots for goal sprayed far and wide like Goddard’s nose     all day the rain Ablett not falling   [Read more]