Sticks, stones and social media

With Collingwood going through a rough patch, Danielle Hakim examines the pros and cons of fan responses on social media.

Umpire and Fans: Yelling at the sky

Dips O’Donnell tries to unpick the latest controversy regarding umpire abuse. His advice to the people in green? Don’t take it personally, because it isn’t really about you.

Collingwood v GWS – Preview: A footy love triangle

Nick Johnston grew up barracking for Collingwood and then went to work as media manager for the Giants. He loves both clubs. The dreaded day is upon him: they play each other in a final. What to do? [Terrific piece which shows the depth of feeling people working in professional sport retain – JTH]

First AFLFA Forum: AFL Fans reveal what they love about footy and what needs improving

The AFL Fans Association hosted their first fan forum at Punt Rd in June to hear what fans love about AFL footy and what they think needs improving. They have now collated their results in a report that will be delivered to the AFL and have also made it public for all fans to read.

Almanac Footy Memoir: A Bomber Life

Keith Richards remembers childhood days barracking for the Bombers.

Nihonjin nanoni?

Japanese footy correspondent Yoshi had a humorous and insightful encounter with a woman from Sydney in Kyoto. It reminded him of his true passion to become a professional writer.

SANFL: Go Bloods!

What is happening to the Bloods? Their cheer squad is a little thin on the ground as this Bernard Whimpress pic suggests.

Almanac Books: Footy Grounds to Grandstands: Play, Community and the Australian Football League (by Sam Duncan)

Sam Duncan has turned his PhD thesis into a book. You are invited to the launch on Dec 11. [Congratulations Sam – JTH]

Grand Final eve #artthoughts

Originally from Brisbane, Brigid Hansen lives in Melbourne where she is a postgraduate art student. These are her observations of Grand Final eve.

Is Supporting Your Club all “Black and White”?

Breaking ranks? There are many reasons for wanting a team to win, and it can get pretty complicated. Jan Courtin explains that her black and white view (which is actually a red and white view) and wonders about the approach of some other members of her family.

Round 23 – Richmond v North Melbourne: Faith is everything in footy

Even though the Tiges are in the finals (again) Cheryl Critchley feels dudded by what happened on Friday night.

Round 16 – Fremantle v Carlton: Live (well, sort of)

Peter Fuller maintained a media blackout for long enough to watch his recorded Freo-Carlton fixture “live”.

Round 12 – Carlton v Port Adelaide: Life, death and football

It’s been a year of highs and lows for Blues fan Barb Smith.

The Story of a Cat

Footy is about many things. For many it is about family. As Dips O’Donnell goes to watch his Cats this weekend he reminisces how he became a Cats supporter and the intriguing story behind it.

The heart of the Tiger

“In 1992, I had my right knee reconstructed twice in 12 months. I spent more than a year alternating between crutches, knee braces, a walking stick and never-ending expensive physio. These were medieval times before LARS and before Richo.” Thus starts a supporters’ tale of the fraternity of footy fans. [Simple. Delightful. Ed]

Spectators: A Studio Exhibition.

One of The Almanac’s many artistic treasures – Kate Birrell – is set to unveil a new showing. Read more…

The Eye of the Tiger

Tess Pryor makes her Almanac debut with a beaut story of not being tooted by the great man: Richo. [Welcome Tess – Ed]

The Final Exam – a Hawks fan’s hopes and dreams

Hannah Kuhar captures the obsessive madness of the footy fan, especially one who is preparing for VCE exams, swept along in the finals tidal wave. Life as a metaphor for footy. (Brilliant – Ed.)

The Precarious State of our Nation’s Great Game

Siobhan Calafiore provides her perspective on where the game is at and why.

An Inconvenient Truth?

Tigers fan Stainless Steele wonders whether this is a classic case of premature jubilation.