Round Three Double

Pubs, clubs and hubs across the city have been brimming with chatter about what the sub rule has brought to season 2011. So far it seems that games will often come down to the kind of last-man-standing contest, where kicks ‘down the line’ to the players who ‘don’t get any shorter’ which cause folk to [Read more]

Port no match for the Cats at Kardinia

Sunday afternoon. I am in the position; the same position I’ve been in for almost a fortnight. In bed, leg up. I have a maroon plaster cast from toe-to knee. I am feeling very Queensland and very Fred Flintstone. And pretty sore. A bowtie-wearing surgeon has put my right foot back together. He is a [Read more]


The omens look good for Richmond. Cyril Rioli is missing from the Hawthorn line-up after his best afield performance against Melbourne for an indiscretion that cost him a week on the sidelines. Buddy Franklin was restricted to some kick-to-kick in runners at training on Thursday night with rumours rife of an ankle injury. Luke Hodge [Read more]

The View From Shepparton: Rd 3

It is easy to descend into gloom as a gap appears between the top and bottom teams even this early into the season, but perhaps instead one should celebrate the fact that the top teams are playing really good footy and it is up to other teams to lift their game. I really enjoyed the [Read more]


WHERE LIFE IMITATES FOOTBALL What a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  It was another Cakewalk for The Good Old Collingwoods on Friday night as TRP delivered a reality check to The Bluebaggers in front of 88,181 fans to remain astride The Competition Table.  The Bulldogs became the latest beneficiary of the Appalling Football Leagues [Read more]


GEELONG easily accounted for Port Adelaide in their first Skilled Stadium home game for 2011. Max Rooke made a lap of honour around the ground to huge cheers before the Cats ran out to a guard of honour of past greats. The first quarter was a bit scrappy in very windy conditions, the Cats though in front by seven points at the change. They struggled again in the five minutes following but from that point on slammed the gate shut on the Power, booting four unanswered goals to lead by twenty-nine points at half time. The third quarter bordered on a procession for the first ten minutes, the Cats putting paid to any suggestions of a Power come-back. The boys from Alberton did however kick three in a row to finish the quarter forty-three down. Dam Menzel kicked the opener to a huge reception, but that was nothing compared to the cheers Allen Christensen got when he kicked his maiden AFL goal. In the end the Cats, as predicted, were simply too good for Port Adelaide, winners by just under eighty points.

FPS Report- Rd 3: Collingwood V Carlton 8 April 2011

By Paul Harkin Can there be a better prelude to a game than to unfurl the premiership flag from the previous season? I don’t think so. The ceremony was handled tastefully. No overhype, but enough to show the football world who is the current boss. The sight of Lou Richards and other legends of the [Read more]

We’re in the Dark (Where’s that light switch).

Two banners to start the game:  Saints – Loyal and Brave, A Sight to Behold, 200 for Nick Reiwoldt, Good as Gold. Bombers:  Saints Taking Art Classes, Certainly know how to draw. And it’s on.    When the teams run through the banner, they play the St.Kilda song twice.  I think wistfully it’s because we’re unlikely [Read more]

Four ponderings and a conjectural (the State of the Game)

Footy seems to have changed in 2011, and at this early stage it seems mostly for the better. I don’t just say that because this year the Eagles look worthy of holding a spot in the top 16, but it helps. Saturday night’s game between West Coast and Sydney was a thoroughly engaging and entertaining [Read more]

Magpies and Blues Share the Love, But Not The Points

To listen to some media hype is to believe that when the clans of Carlton and Collingwood gather for contest, ruckus melee and mayhem are assured. That the bays of the MCG will resemble King St on a bad night. That riot police are on standby. This is of course a nonsense. It is one [Read more]

Richo is back, and his name is Jack

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Hawks pound the Tigers on Saturday night, dishing out a 63 point lesson in all things football. Buddy was at his best, aided by the class of Burgoyne, Sewell, Gibson, Hodge, Ellis, Guerra, Hale and a host of others. The pundits are on the money in predicting a [Read more]

Haiku Bob- Round 3: the height of the moon

old rivals – the crowd’s roar tossed on the breeze the club legend retired now who won nothing but their hearts* moon and stars – the rovers await Jolly’s tap pockets of snow soon will vanish – Blues purple patch up the ground and back again Swan’s shadow admiring the height of the moon – [Read more]

My Greatest Live Experiences have Occurred in an Arena

As discovered by Rob Scott. As translated by Google. By Johan Croneman Did you see Carlton v Collingwood yesterday? Great game, a red-hot derby, live on Eurosport. All of Melbourne is said to have stood still. The game is a sort of cross between rugby and football played on an oval field with an oval [Read more]

Collingwood v Carlton: A race against time

By Domenic Favata It’s Friday, school’s out and the stage of the MCG awaits us as I leave home for the train station. The night is primed to be a good one, as I am joined by four mates (2 Collingwood, 1 Carlton, 2* neutral- including me) who are all anticipating a cracking night of [Read more]


By Ben Jensen GEELONG CATS V PORT ADELAIDE POWER GEELONG has brought back big guns Joel Selwood, Cameron Mooney and Matthew Scarlett for their first proper home match of the season tomorrow. Josh Cowan’s debut will have to wait at least another week as he was named as one of three emergencies. Missing are two injured players in defenders Andrew Mackie (ankle) and David Wojcinski (achilles) while Cameron Guthrie returns to the VFL for a spell. Port Adelaide made two changes, skipper Dom Cassisi the big loss with a medium-term knee injury while Cameron Hitchcock has been dropped. Former Cat Jason Davenport is named on the bench for the Power. FULL MATCH PREVIEW

Not another flag?

  Collingwood v Carlton School. It had been really getting me down. These past 10 weeks have been really… Actually, no, I think you’ve all heard enough about the struggles of my Year 11 life. In fact, school’s been great, the workload is tough but I’m coping fine. The Easter holidays have now begun, but [Read more]


FOR THE PHILOSOPHICAL MARNGROOK FAN by John Mosig What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  Home bodies & gardeners are up in arms that their favourite show has had to make way for the Collingwood-Carlton Blockbuster.  Handy for the kids of course, but what’s the problem?  Doesn’t everyone tape the match, stay away from [Read more]