Almanac Television: ABC TV – ‘Close to the Bone’

Malcolm McKinnon and Jared Thomas have made a program examining atrocities committed on Aboriginal people in the past, and the consequences of those actions for today. The program will first broadcast on ABC TV this Sunday 24 July.

Almanac Footy: City of Melbourne Parking Officers football team

In 2007 Malcolm McKinnon curated an exhibition and created a short film about the fascinating story of parking enforcement in Melbourne. Along the way, he discovered there was a City of Melbourne Parking Officers football team.

Almanac Poetry: Miner Poets – ABC Radio National ‘History Listen’

‘Miner Poets’ is an ABC Radio National ‘History Listen’ program examining the songs and verse from the mining communities of west coast Tasmania.

Short (footy) films from country Victoria – Part 3: by Malcolm McKinnon

The last series of videos that make up Malcolm McKinnon’s short film collection on Victorian country football.

Short (footy) films from country Victoria – Part 2: by Malcolm McKinnon

Malcolm McKinnon’s series of short films on country football in Victoria continues with six more videos.

Almanac Film: Short (footy) films from country Victoria – Part 1

Some time back, Malcolm McKinnon turned his film-making skills to country footy. Here are nine short films.

“Talking Sideways” – by Reg Dodd & Malcolm McKinnon

“Talking Sideways”, a new book by Reg Dodd & Malcolm McKinnon is a story about Aboriginal life, of living and growing up around Finniss Springs in South Australia’s arid north.

Almanac (Racing) History: A short film about racing in the Wimmera and Mallee

Malcolm McKinnon spotted the reference to Murtoa racing and sent this beaut little film in – with some classic footage of old-timers chatting about Wimmera and Mallee racing before The war.

Almanac Film: The Drop Kick Eulogy

Drop Kick Eulogy is a great insight into the forgotten art as told by a couple of Football legends from Rupanyup.