Almanac Rugby League – New Book Promotion: Patrick Skene’s ‘The Big O: the life and times of Olsen Filipaina’

Patrick Skene’s first book, ‘The Big O: the life and times of Olsen Filipaina’ will be released in Australia later this week. Here Patrick shares, in detail, his journey to honour a key player in the development of what has been called ‘the Pacific Revolution’.

Almanac Music – David Bridie: Solomon Islands Ferry Disaster Appeal

Musician David Bridie and Wantok Musik are seeking the support and donations from Almanac readers for the Solomon Islands Ferry Disaster Appeal. Please help if you can.

AFL Fans Association – Media Release: Transaction Fees and ticket prices

The AFLFA in their Media Release of today respond to the AFL’s decision to remove transaction fees at Marvel Stadium and to freeze ticket prices.