A Phoenix from the Ashes: A Review of The Merge

William Westerman previews “The Merge”, a film detailing the the story and history behind the merger of the Fitzroy FC and the Brisbane Bears in 1996.

I’ve lost faith in Australia: A reaction to ‘The Final Quarter’

First year university student Sean Mortell writes that ‘The Final Quarter’ has had a big impact on him. He has been saddened by some of the reaction, especially on social media, and what that reaction suggests about Australian culture. He looks to Young Australia to lead the way in changing deep-seated racism.

Almanac Documentary: Paris or the Bush – The Story of the Cods

Peter Crossing reviews Paris or the Bush – The Story of the Cods, a documentary on an extraordinary rowing crew from Murray Bridge. [Read this! I am so looking forward to seeing this doco. JTH]

Almanac Footy History – The Galahs: encore screenings of the movie

In 1967 Harry Beitzel took a representative team of Australian Footballers to Dublin, Ireland, to play Gaelic Football against the Irish champions. Last week, Tony Wilson and Rob Heath’s film recounting the trip sold out at the Melbourne International Film Festival. Encore screenings are coming – beginning on Sunday.

Almanac Olympics: An Olympic Cycle – The Journey

Our man in Rio, DaveP has been following the Australian Men’s Team Pursuit squad for three years leading into Rio2016, watch an extract of his forthcoming documentary as they race for Gold.

Almanac Documentaries: Tom Wills (Aug 7,10,13)

Greg de Moore’s biography of Tom Wills has been made into a documentary. It is being shown this coming week on Aug 7, 10 and 13. Here’s a sneak preview.