My First Day

Callum O’Connor always wanted to work as a footy writer. And more recently, as a women’s footy writer. Since last Saturday, he does. [Congratulations Callum – Ed].

Journalism, Gender, Feminist Theory and News Reporting on the AFL

This article reports on a review of selected theory and practice in sports journalism to determine if the prominence of female journalists reporting the news of the AFL could be attributed to a feminist response to the traditional domination of male values in the sports media complex.

Football writer

Apologies to Lennon/McCartney (I think it was the latter) Dear Sports Ed, won’t you read my stuff I can make a sentence, so I’m good enough Never really played much footy before Failed first-year law And now I wanna be a football writer Football writer Irony drips from my poison pen I can do cross-promos [Read more]

I should stick to writing

  And there I was: doe eyed, mic in hand, looking straight into the spotlight, the camera pointed straight at me, words coming out of my mouth in a baffled slur before I could even think about what I was saying. Welcome to my nightmare, the worse experience of my life. Okay let me fill [Read more]

How to survive THE Malthouse

by Danni Eid “Mick Malthouse is very keen ….in your press conference assignment.” The above sentence that doesn’t seem to make sense isn’t a hidden message. Basically it’s all my brain had to take in before I went into meltdown mode. Mick Malthouse is keen to be interviewed by my class mates, by us, BY [Read more]