Got any tips? Picking winners in Round 2

It happens every year, but it’s always surprising nonetheless: Round 2 has been a nightmare for tipping. Let us know if you’re scratching your head or you’ve bucked the trend

The Hunnas still have more to give: A Profile interview with Mark Seymour

Jake ‘Cobba’ Stevens wants to throw his arms around you, and take you to the holy grail of Oz Rock. Cobba interviews Mark Seymour the lead man of the legendary Hunters & Collectors.

2013 Grand Final Entertainment

Mail on the 2013 Grand Final entertainment.

Four legs good, Stevie J bad

A joyious September to all, Finally the AFL have got one right with the people’s bard Paul Kelly taking the stage as part of Grand Final Day.  To me no one is more deserving of the honour of performing before the Grand Final, he immortalised our sporting cathedral in his 1987 single “Leaps and Bounds” [Read more]

Temper Trap – An inoffensive selection

Almanac music aficionado, Andrew Fithall, finds himself in a tender trap with this year’s Grand Final entertainment.

That’s Entertainment?

Predicting who will grace the Melbourne Cricket Ground on the 29 September has stretched the capacity of even the sharpest frontal lobes this season, and others such as Luke Darcy. But only now has the picture become clearer, since the AFL brains trust returned from their London Olympic Games reccy.  One place has actually been decided [Read more]