Of Tiger lovers and Taiko drummers

Alex Darling explores Taiko drumming and the tribal connection with Richmond FC.

AFL Round 22 – Hawthorn v Geelong: My Dark Side of the Moon

“Run…. Hawthorn, run…. kick those goals…. ’till the game is won….”

Rock Triv Shows Entertaining Colac and Raising Money for Charity

Luke Reynolds tells us how Colac has been celebrating with Rock Triv – a unique community fund raiser that combines fun, music and fund raising for charities.

DJ Demetriou say what?!

Apparently, the AFL has asked all teams to consider picking a ‘motivational entrance song’ to inspire the team and fans. Now if we’re not on the same page here I’d like you to picture your team running out to start their 2013 premiership campaign to Call Me Maybe…or god forbid, PSY’s Gangnam Style…yeah that’ll really [Read more]

Temper Trap – An inoffensive selection

Almanac music aficionado, Andrew Fithall, finds himself in a tender trap with this year’s Grand Final entertainment.