The 2012 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup – Preliminary Final

Greetings Tipsters I watched Friday’s prelim laying down in my Hanoi hotel room with Perky Girl, drinking several beers at $0.60 a pop and smoking cigs at $0.50 a pack. For all of that, I’ve been following the Sparkies for far too long to ever get too cocky, so it wasn’t an entirely relaxing experience. [Read more]

AFL Preliminary Finals – Hawthorn v Adelaide: A Crows Fan’s Perspective

I don’t recall ever feeling prouder after a loss. The Adelaide Crows have now lost the last four Preliminary Finals they’ve taken part in. All four of those losses have been painful experiences, but this one was by far the most tolerable. That may seem baffling; especially considering the margin in this one was closer [Read more]

AFL Preliminary Finals – Hawthorn v Adelaide: The words I most want to read

by Simon Wilcox   Six to one in a two horse race…     The article I most want to read would have to a be a nicely worded one about how all the pundits had got it wrong about Adelaide and their right to be in the prelim. It would only be a small [Read more]

AFL Finals – Week 2: Start with guns ablazing and then fire blanks..

1st Semi Final: Adelaide v Fremantle – AAMI Stadium Friday Night With the fear of going out in straight sets resonating through the smaller than expected AAMI Stadium crowd of 31,000, Adelaide took to Footy Park to play Fremantle for the right to progress.  The silence was deafening as Fremantle, led by Docker look-a-like Chris [Read more]

AFL Finals Week 1- Adelaide v Sydney: A comfy old pillow

I like my pillow, its durable, supporting, hard working, a little worn at the edges and cost me about $10 from Kmart a decade ago. Sure there are flashier versions with dodo bird feathers or maybe endorsed by Buzz Aldrin, but I like mine just the same. I depend upon it. The Sydney Swans are [Read more]

Four legs good, Stevie J bad

A joyious September to all, Finally the AFL have got one right with the people’s bard Paul Kelly taking the stage as part of Grand Final Day.  To me no one is more deserving of the honour of performing before the Grand Final, he immortalised our sporting cathedral in his 1987 single “Leaps and Bounds” [Read more]

Sunday Morning Coming Down

2012 was total football The modern coach doesn’t flirt with form, they answer journalists’ questions truthfully or not at all, they control what can be controlled, they enact a strategy. The media don’t like this. They can’t acknowledge that for players, the contest is just a relentlessly, moment by moment battle. A zazen state where [Read more]