Meatloaf: Horrific Fun at the 2011 Grand Final

The Footy Almanac reprises Mickey Randall’s reminisces about Meatloaf’s “performance” pre-game at the 2011 Grand Final. Are you game enough to watch it again?

Got any tips? Picking winners in Round 2

It happens every year, but it’s always surprising nonetheless: Round 2 has been a nightmare for tipping. Let us know if you’re scratching your head or you’ve bucked the trend

The Killers at The Taminga

Mickey’s musings on Grand Final entertainment and music as a whole. The Killers, good. Meatloaf, for the most part, good. U2, a few decades ago, great. P!nk, well…

Nail paint and crotchless knickers or ‘Leaps and Bounds’: a wander through footy, music and the contemporary world.

Brilliant from Ron Wells. This piece is composed to comment on the musos booked for the Grand Final – but it does so much more. Ron takes us through footy, music and life – with many sharp observations beautifully expressed. Molly even gets a mention and as he’d say: “Do yourself a favour.”

Dear Gillon, here’s a Grand Final day idea…

Sean Mortel provides a template for Gil McLachlan to consider when selecting the entertainment for this year’s AFL Grand Final.

Almanac Road Trips: The Great Open Road Trip Blues

Matt Hanlon’s road trip carries an impressive batting order.

Era, era on the wall; 2011 –

The final installment of what has been a fantastic series on the history and evolution of the VFL/AFL. Jeff Dowsing looks at the challenges now facing the game and concludes that less is more (you’ll get no arguments there Jeff)

Farewell Andy D

Peter Baulderstone channels Aunty Jack to farewell the Great Helmsman. Please add your own tribute.

AFL Round 3 – Collingwood v Hawthorn: Two outta three ain’t bad

On a dark and gloomy September 2011 day, this song bought pain and suffering to us all in the pre-match “entertainment” and so it springs to mind after a dark and gloomy loss today

That’s Entertainment?

Predicting who will grace the Melbourne Cricket Ground on the 29 September has stretched the capacity of even the sharpest frontal lobes this season, and others such as Luke Darcy. But only now has the picture become clearer, since the AFL brains trust returned from their London Olympic Games reccy.  One place has actually been decided [Read more]