The Hunnas still have more to give: A Profile interview with Mark Seymour

Jake ‘Cobba’ Stevens wants to throw his arms around you, and take you to the holy grail of Oz Rock. Cobba interviews Mark Seymour the lead man of the legendary Hunters & Collectors.

Young gems still exist in ‘Generation Lazy’

Ah, we’ve spotted one! Not a very majestic creature but an interesting one at that. There it lays on the couch, stationed for at least two hours now. TV remote in hand, iPhone on ear yapping away with a laptop in lap, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram tabs all in action. The creature known to most [Read more]

A fine line

(Cath Durkin is a first year journalism student, and a footy fan)   A passionate man is Eddie McGuire. Keep an eye on him next time you’re playing the Pies if you happen to find yourself on the second level of the Members’ stand at the ‘G and I promise you, you’ll see it. Red-faced [Read more]