Brownlow Fashion 2015 with Duchess Danni

Brownlow fashion 2015 was glitz and glamour galore. While the focus was on Nat Fyfe during the count, the attention was well and truly on the wives and girlfriends as invitees arrived. Have a look at which WAGs Danni Eid thinks got it right and who got it wrong. [Proving that the Almanac community is indeed a broad church. – Ed]

Brownlow Gownlow

An artist has sent his latest football work.

Brownlow Fashion 2013

Manicures, spray tans and bling were out in force last night while the lads stepped aside to let their WAGS flaunt their fashion. White was a very popular colour this year as was length with majority of WAGs opting for long dresses. It seemed that showing a little skin was also the trend on the carpet. And so here are my [Read more]


  by Danni Eid My blue carpet favorite Alex Davis (Pendlebury) looked positively radiant in her navy blue Versace gown. It fitted like a glove, it got the “Oh my gosh!” reaction from me, it’s a perfect classy dress. As always, Alex looked GORGEOUS! It was the dress that drew a gasp. As a natural [Read more]

Brownlow Blog 2011

The buzz over Chris Judd threatens to dwarf the Dane Swan hype of last year. The dream scenario for many is the two double Medalists sharing a 3rd. But Brownlow history suggests you should never count your chickens. If your invite to the big night is still in the mail, join us from 7.30 as our fashion [Read more]

Brownlow Fashion

It’s a known fact that Magpies are strongly attracted to shiny objects. The premiership cup, that’s one bloody shiny thing! In my head I can imagine the WAGs sitting in a room with designer jewelry spread in front of them, all they have to do is pick and advertise it on TV when asked. Anyone [Read more]