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It’s a known fact that Magpies are strongly attracted to shiny objects. The premiership cup, that’s one bloody shiny thing! In my head I can imagine the WAGs sitting in a room with designer jewelry spread in front of them, all they have to do is pick and advertise it on TV when asked. Anyone who has shopped with me knows- if it sparkles, glitters or shines Danni buys it. Headbands, jewelry, shoes, anything! Just like Magpies I’m drawn to pretty shiny things. Magpies are black and white, two shades that I love wearing together. I have black and white dresses, black dresses, white dresses, black jeans, white singlets, you name it I have it! Black and White in fashion is legendary it’s Coco Chanel. Yeah that’s right; cop that people who call it a ‘prison outfit’, black and white is couture, baby!

I know what, you’re thinking. What could all this have do with anything? Well it all has to do with the Brownlow. I tried my luck at getting dad to agree to go out for a drink at Crown and watch the count from there on TV as its happening but I failed. Dad’s got his volleyball team’s semi final so my hopes were pretty much dashed. Then there is the factor that just likes Miss Australia, I’m partner-less for the event and yes it is true that I also flatly rejected Sam Newman’s offer. Beauty spas were chockers to the lead up with the WAGs getting the full spa treatment. Nails, facials, waxing, plucking, trail hair styling, dressing fittings, last minute alterations, makeup trails, shoe shopping, fake tans, teeth whitening, fake eyelashes…and the list goes on. All of the sudden the event is no longer about the best player of the season, but the best dressed on the blue carpet with categories of ‘best dressed male’ and ‘best dressed WAG’. This is why the stakes are high, with most WAGs having model status, jewelry lines and designers would be begging them to showcase their work and the WAGs themselves would want to make the ‘best dressed’ list.

The shopping experience is a great one. On Sunday me and the gals (after catching the movie ‘Easy A’) went shopping for formal dresses (we have two formals, one organized with the school and another organized by some girls in the year level) and celebration day costumes (which used to be called muck-up day)

Finding that perfect dress can be very hard and I can’t imagine what the WAGs went through trying to find their Brownlow dresses. My friends Fiona and Alex were successful in finding one formal dress each while Adria and I already have ours and Candy still needs to look for one. So I was still on the hunt for my celebration day costume, channeling my inspiration Kim Kardashian under the Hollywood costume theme. The first dress I tried on was…was…lets just say it was better suited to an exotic dancer. My reaction to seeing how…umm…I don’t even know how to describe it but I basically saw it on me and said- “NO..NO NO NOOOO NO NOOO!! GUYS! IM NOT wearing this, no no NO WAY!” While the girls were positive in their feedback as I stood in the change room to show them how it looked on, I knew I that there was NO WAY and I mean NO WAY I was going to be seen in public or even further consider buying THAT dress. That’s right; I that encounter gave me my own version of Twiggley’s THAT DRESS.

Unlike the WAGs on Brownlow night I do not take risks, and later found a much more conservative, still Kim Kardashian styled dress which lets me keep my dignity! Yay!

As some of you may know I tweet. I have been trying to get a reaction for any of the Collingwood boys who also tweet but it took fashion to get a reaction from the prettiest Collingwood WAG, Alex Davis. (Pendlebury) I was successful in getting a reply in relation to her All Australian Dress which I LOVED! Alex is defers up in the top for best looking WAG when you consider the fact that even in trackies, with her hair tied up and no makeup on she still looks beautiful and has great taste in fashion. Her red number last year for the Brownlow was my favourite dress of the night, she looked stunning and the dress looked great in suiting her figure, so this year she’s raised the standards.

Then comes Mrs. Maxwell who admitted that it was harder finding a Brownlow dress because she is five months pregnant, so it will be interesting to see what she ends up wearing. I wonder if Nick will be taking the daddy role of a puppeteer and introduce his bub to the wonderful birdie that is the Magpie, as my father did for me.

Dane Swan’s partner Taylor will have to make sure she chooses well. With Swanny being a favourite, all eyes and media attention will be on her outfit. I must admit though, so far I have been unimpressed with her choices to past Collingwood functions so this is her chance to impress me.

Finally the time comes and I turn into a critic.

Right away I notice a lot of the WAGS have gone with black or white.

Let’s start with Brynne Edelstein- much improved from last year, I like the detail on the dress and prefer it short. What I don’t like is that zip necklace, ruins the classiness of the dress- oh I have her shoes! BRYNNE

Now to the disappointments- Twiggs- aka Mrs. Judd, obviously she’s a VERY pretty woman, her outfit is not bad but could have been way better. I woulda like to seen her in colour so this seems a bit too simple for me.

Mrs. Maxwell- chose an interesting cut for a mummy to be. Liked the glitter but thought it was a bit too exposed at the front. She went perfect in her choice of hair, gorgeous on her.

Kylie- aka Mrs. Daisy Thomas- went with a simple black, touch of gold material outlining the top deck, not exactly her best choice. Ablett’s

Lauren Phillips- I don’t like the layer of black on top of the bottom layer. To me it looks mismatched as the top material looks better than the bottom. The hair, I don’t like at all on her, I don’t think it suits her pretty face, looks a bit old ladyfish, sorry. The job of her makeup on the other hand is very VERY nice.

Mrs. Chad Cornes- Ummm…Hi- five? Play school. Take your pick. Not impressed, its not Brownlow material.

Mrs. Pavlich – thanks but no thanks, too much of a heavy Pattern! The print of the pattern is too busy.

Ryan Griffin’s partner- …interesting…

Mrs. Daniel Cross- I don’t like it at all, too frumpy and the colour does not suit her.

Now that the bodgey part is over, to what I consider the BEST DRESSED WAGS!

Partner of NATHAN GRIMA- In this dress I LOVED the cut outs on the side, as a way of looking sexy without being over the top. Elegant but still hot. My favourite of the night.

Partner of CAMERON LING- Very Classy, kind of a princess feel to it with a nice amount of bling. Loved it on her.

Partner of MARC MURPHY- a very pretty gown which fitted her figure perfectly. I think she looked great in it and I loved how it was a simple dress but it was still Brownlow material. Would have liked to see Twiggs in something similar.

Partner of DANE SWAN- Lovely cut of the dress overall. Really like the crystal on the straps it’s very elegant. The pink is subtle but very pretty. Not a fan of her hair though. Lose curls woulda have looked nicer.

Partner of NICK DAL SANTO- I like the powder blue, the sweat heart cut and the bling. It’s nice to see a bit more colour out there.

MISS AUSTRALIA JASINTA CAMPBELL- Who woulda thought the beauty Queen who struggled to find a Brownlow date would rock up in one of my favourite dresses of the night? I LOVE the emerald green silk, she looks gorgeous.

Partner of SCOTT PENDLEBURY- Alex never seems to disappoint me! This time looking great in an orange, corset top fitted dress which outlines her figure in a comfortable way. As always she looks so pretty and doesn’t even have a face full of makeup on.

Partner of ALAN DIDAK- a classic look, in a one-shoulder pretty white dress. Loved how graceful it looked on her, coulda passed for a bride.

Partner of TOM HARLEY- in this dress I really liked the detailed beading on the bodice and the light tulle skirt adds the princess touch.

Thanks for your patience! I know it was a lot to take in! Overall I think the WAGs did a pretty good job this year. Hopefully one day you will all see me on there on the arm of one of my Collingwood boys…like I have said before- a girl can dream!

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Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. Danni

    When I saw Brynne, I was strangely reminded of Kata Tjuta (the Olgas). Can’t think why.

  2. Thanks for the run down. I thought Nick Riewoldts girlfriend looked beautiful too. They matched well.


  3. Molly M thinks Nick is pretty cute too Yvette.

  4. Four more sleeps Danni.

  5. JB ^: That’s a hilarious thing to be reminded of.

    Kudos to you Danni for the extensive review. Can we get some more of the female Almanackers in to provide some heated discussion?

  6. Last time I saw a mouth like Brynne’s it was five kms off the coast of NW Tasmania with a shark hook in it.

  7. Great work, very interesting

  8. Hey all, thanks for the comments :)
    Riewoldt is punching wayy above his weight, Yvette.

    Yes Phantom i know!!!! :)

    thanks Adam, lol good luck rounding up a few more females.

  9. I just like the observation that the partner of CLing had Bling.

  10. Stellar work, Danni!

    You are the resident fashionista :P

    I stand by my comment from one of our early, early conversations: in a few years’ time, I see YOU hosting the blue carpet special! LOL

    And now I add: or starring on it ;)

  11. Whatever happened to Lee jeans, a flannie and desert boots?

  12. 12. Don’t worry, Dips. That’s what I was wearing while watching the count.

  13. time to get my singing voice on…

    “we wanna be the premiers,
    soo freaking badddd,
    finally get the prize we never hadddd.
    we wanna be on the cover of, the hearld sunnnnn, holding up the sacred silver cuppp.
    oh everytime i close my eyesss-
    i see my boys in shining lighttts-
    a different a margin every night,
    ohhh-ohh i swearrr Melbourne better prepareee for when we are premiers.”

  14. Danni – don’t give up your day job.

  15. 15 !!!! LOL heyyy!!
    Ive been told i have a good voice thankyou very much!! :P

    ps- my day job is being a student, so sure ill give that up! lol

  16. Danni, I’ve got friends my age (ahem, 45) who haven’t left uni yet.

  17. Danni, song from Phantom: old nursery rhyme classic re jigged.

    Pussy cat, pussy cat where have you been

    I went to the “G” but the Magpies were mean

    pussy cat, pussy cat what did you there


    (Sung with passion and gusto)

  18. Don’t know how that happened left out the happy (for some)ending

    Danni, song from Phantom: old nursery rhyme classic re jigged.

    Pussy cat, pussy cat where have you been

    I went to the “G” but the Magpies were mean

    pussy cat, pussy cat what did you there

    they gave us a hiding it just wasn’t fair

    (Sung with passion and gusto)

  19. LOL!

  20. oh and i should back my claims in my comment #16
    my teacher in year 10- this is a quote, after a group performance said to me;
    “you can sing, you can act, what can’t you do?!”
    my reply was quick and true- “maths” i said. LOL

  21. Speaking of Maths Danni, only three more sleeps.

    Did you see that comment where the Pies were called the “Bar Codes”.

    I think it is derived from Newcastle FC in England but it is pretty cool I think.

  22. Peter Schumacher says

    I have just noticed this post. I must say Danielle you are a really fantastic writer as shown in your ability to capture the ups and downs of being a Pies supporter and more particularly in this instance the rights and wrongs of the various fashions displayed.

    For what it is worth and without your gift of analysis my top 3 were;

    Catherine Heard; partner of Nick Riewoldt.
    Emily Marsh; (I think the surname is correct)(partner of Mark LeCras).
    Jacinta Spence; partner of Nathan Grima.

    Apart from that I will be barracking (again) for St Kilda I am sorry, or perhaps to be honest, happy to say.

  23. 23- LOL Peter, well i guess thats you and the rest of Australia all on board the saints bus. i suppose there is nothing i can say to change your mind.
    Thanks for your kind words regrading my work, i aim to please. :)

    Phantom, i dunno if ull see this comment but i have been trying to comment your last piece, but it hasnt been showing up. sorry if it emails to you 4 times, and sorry if u didnt even get it at all.
    PLease know that Sam will be in my prayers.


  24. I rememeber when Dean Cox was doing a questionaire thing on the Footy Show, they asked him what is the one thing he would take to a desert island? He responded “Mark LeCras”.

    For good reason too. Damn.

  25. ^^ He responded Mark LeCras’ girlfriend**

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