Brownlow Gownlow

Blonde Brownlow Glitter


Brownlow Gownlow


Once just a radio report. Then there on television was Graham Teasdale in a suit of brown velvet.

Then as they rolled the dice at the casino there was Rebecca Twigley, speech pathologist with the back, plus red plus jewels, before becoming a model, a Judd and a weather girl.

Then Brynne Edelsten made a full breast of the Brownlows. Adam brought his mum. Then there was the carousel, the Lazy Susan balance test. Nadia came in green. Gazza’s girl Lauren became a model.

Always there is glitter. Always blondeness.


  1. Whoever thought the carousel was a good idea must have an MBA.

  2. And always banality. Ho hum… And bloody Eddie and Sam.

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