Who will be the 2016 AFL Fan of the Year?

Surely there is an Almanacker deserving of the 2016 AFL Fan of the Year, or maybe the entire team? Vote for your 2016 AFL Fan of the Year.

Crio’s Q? Finals don’t matter if you’re not involved

An embittered Crio wonders why anyone – other than supporters of remaining teams and the always desperate punters – would give a “rat’s tossbag” once their side is out. Does anyone else struggle with this sentimental rubbish of picking a team for the finals?

Some thoughts on the week past

Port Adelaide supporter and Alice Springs journalist Nick Kossatch with a reflection on Phil Walsh and the other events of the week.

Round 10 – Gold Coast v Sydney: Swans Family Bliss

Craig Dodson, still nursing a busted shoulder, gathers the family around to observe the Swans cruise to victory.

The heart of the Tiger

“In 1992, I had my right knee reconstructed twice in 12 months. I spent more than a year alternating between crutches, knee braces, a walking stick and never-ending expensive physio. These were medieval times before LARS and before Richo.” Thus starts a supporters’ tale of the fraternity of footy fans. [Simple. Delightful. Ed]

An Inconvenient Truth?

Tigers fan Stainless Steele wonders whether this is a classic case of premature jubilation.

Crio’s Question: The Year of the Fan?

Crio questions the many different types of fans who follow the footy, and questions whether the AFL’s new found commitment to fan’s interest is more than spin-deep.

Revolutionary new fans’ organisation and it’s absolutely fair dinkum

AFL fans are revolting … but not in the way you might think, writes Cheryl Critchley. [This could be big…it should be big. Why shouldn’t the fans mobilise? Ed]

The F Word.

Sainter Tom Greenaway reflects on the state of affairs (yearns?) and considers the future of the Saints and the Tigers, the state of play in 2013, and the caution with which the F word should be employed.