Slippery slopes, domino effects and why fans switch off at half-time

Sick and tired of the AFL’s tinkering with the game, Paul Spinks renews his call for fans to be given a representative voice in deciding the direction of the code.

AFL Fans Association – Media Release: Transaction Fees and ticket prices

The AFLFA in their Media Release of today respond to the AFL’s decision to remove transaction fees at Marvel Stadium and to freeze ticket prices.

AFLFA press release: Demons dominate 2018 AFLFA Fan of the Year Awards

The AFLFA has released details of its ‘Fan of the Year’ awards and the Demons are the big winners. We present their official press release here verbatim.

AFLFA press release: Some AFL Clubs increase ticket prices for low drawing games

The AFLFA has issued a press release headed ‘Some AFL clubs increase ticket prices for low drawing games’. It is presented here verbatim.

There’s still time to have your say at the AFL Fans Association Forum

Yvette Wroby and other Almanackers attended the AFL Fans Association Inaugural Fans Forum last Sunday. We were moderators on the day. You have your chance now to have your say, as we all did. Copy and paste and speak your mind. A collated document, without names, will be read by Head Office so here’s your chance to give your thoughts. Clocks ticking. Get them in soon.

Media release – from the AFLFA: Fans relish the chance to have their say on all things AFL

The AFLFA was formed to give fans a voice – which they are doing next Sunday (June 24). Some Almanac stalwarts (such as Cheryl Critchley and Yvette Wroby) are involved, as this media release from the AFLFA explains.

AFLFA Press Release: Fans to discuss the state of the game

The Almanac is all about getting you, the sporting community, involved in the game, whatever your game might be, whatever your role might be. Here’s a press release from the AFLFA inviting your participation in the first AFL Fans Association forum later this month.

‘Giving Footy Fans a Voice’ – first AFLFA forum: The AFL Fans Association

The AFL Fans Association will run a free forum at the Richmond Football Club on Sunday, June 24 where fans can tell the AFLFA what’s important to them. All fans are welcome but must register. Link in the article.

Almanac AFL Fan Issues: Round 1 ticket pricing analysis from the AFLFA

The AFLFA has sent this press release regarding what they claim is excessive ticket pricing and profiteering in Round 1.

AFLFA: Adelaide and Richmond fans face Grand Final ticket heartache

Fans face AFL Grand Final heartache as more than 95,000 Adelaide and Richmond members – almost enough to fill the MCG – miss out on tickets, the AFL Fans Association says.

AFLFA: Dynamic pricing is not good for fans

The AFLFA have found that dynamic ticket pricing has resulted in an increase in ticket prices rather than a decrease as it was meant to do. Read their findings here.

AFL Fans Association (AFLFA): Giving Footy Fans a Voice

The AFL Fans Association has released its hits and misses for the 2017 AFL and AFLW seasons.

Almanac People: Jan Courtin – AFLFA Fan of the Year

Footy Almanac’s Jan Courtin has been announced as the 2016 AFL Fan Association Female Fan of the Year.

AFL Fans Association (AFLFA) Press Release: Fans should be consulted on the 2017 fixture

As the AFL prepare the fixture for the 2017 season, fans are looking to have their say. Cheryl Critchley has sent us the AFL Fans’ Association press release.

Essendon Saga: Statement from AFL Fans’ Association

AFLFA feels for Essendon fans.

AFL Fans Association: Diehards demand more grand final tickets

A statement from the AFL Fans Association calling on the League to increase its ticket allocation for members of the competing clubs.

AFL Fans Association media release: Hits and Misses of Season 2015 so far

In this media release, AFL Fans Association president Gerry Eeman says it has been “The Year of the Fan – Sort Of”. [Includes several fan comments harvested from the AFLFA Facebook page.]

Round 7 – Brisbane v Port Adelaide: Blow-up Brion the Lion flops with most fans

In the year of the fan, Brisbane today joined North Melbourne in doing away with the traditional pre-match banner in favour of an inflatable mascot. The AFL Fans Association believes that the move leaves hard working volunteers – not to mention passionate fans – out in the cold.

A media release from the Fans’ Association. Your thoughts?

The AFL Fans Association is keen to have a voice at the (match day) summit which starts tomorrow. Your thoughts? Should they have an invited representative? What’s your view of the AFLFA?

AFL Round 3 – Western Bulldogs v Richmond: Frustratingly Frustrating

Cheryl Critchley treats her daughters to a hotel in the city and the promise of a Tigers win, but she can only deliver on part of the bargain. [The Tiges: still good for footy. Ed]