AFL Round 23 – Sydney v Richmond: Miracle at the Sporting Globe (this is the Almanac’s 10,000th piece)

Part three of Paddy Suggests, Richmond’s incredible, euphoric and, yes, emotional win over Sydney in Round 23, 2014 was one of the best examples of Australian Football of all time, while Callum O’Connor’s report of the game, a rollicking tale of three Tigers following every twist and turn at the Sporting Globe, made the win all the more sweet. This was also the Almanac’s 10,000th piece (and a bloody good one, I might add).

Yoshi’s Ten Biggest Sporting Upsets : February 2014 – January 2015

Yoshi lists his 10 biggest sporting upsets that have occurred between February 2014 to January 2015. There’s a healthy smattering of AFL surprises, but also some shocks from the World Game and on the tennis courts, too.

AFL Round 23: Sydney v Richmond – reasons to believe

For Swans fan Ian Latham ANZ Stadium is like an old glass of tonic water on a train to Cairns; flat and spiritless with an unstable surface. Fortunately the Swans Round23 game against the Tigers had a lot more fizz in it.

An Inconvenient Truth?

Tigers fan Stainless Steele wonders whether this is a classic case of premature jubilation.

Using Everything You’ve Got to Win a Premiership

Anne Cahill Lambert explains the Tigers rise from the doldrums. They have a woman as President and more women in leadership roles than any other AFL club.

The Tigers are good for football: discuss.

JTH has spent a life-time in footy (like many of us).

He once despised the Tigers. He now believes they are good for football. He explains why.

AFL Round 23 – Sydney v Richmond: The one we had to lose?

Tom Bally watches his Swans dish up an appalling, yet somewhat expected result against a hungrier Tigers outfit.

AFL Round 23 – Sydney v Richmond: A box full of surprises

Haje Halabi is unpacking. But a surf and a night with the Tigers dominate priorities. What could be inside that last box..?

AFL Round 23 – Sydney v Richmond: Finals Birth; the Agony

For those of who who didn’t watch Sydney v Richmond, here’s the next best thing: a spectator’s script with image of the crew at the pub.

AFL Round 23 – Sydney v Richmond: Richmond fans are the best

How sweet this Tigers victory is for those who never give up, writes Cheryl Critchley, who was there.

Richmond – Missed it by that much

Matt Watson rates the Tigers season and their history, and finds them wanting.