Crio’s Question: The Year of the Fan?

Finally fearing a backlash, the AFL (rather than doing anything of substance) seem likely to hype 2015 as “The Year of The Fan”.

This concept reminded me of a piece first published, I believe, on theLADbible…

Just this weekend I went to a couple of games and saw some “categories” of fans.

Saturday night in the MCC Dining Room was a clash between the smug “entitleds”.

Sunday at Docklands was the old South supporters and the bandwagons happily clapping “Go Sydney” while the hard bitten Doggies grimaced in hopelessness.

You see the loud, the anguished, the “expert”, the “ignoramus”, the “never left the bar”, the Dreamteamer, the early evacuee….truly a cross section when you take time to sit back, watch and create some “types”.

Read the attached article and compare or add to it from your experiences.


  1. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Given the 15000 or so that they drew to Foopball Parg in their recent lean years, I’ll open with the 37000 Port Adelaide “where were you in 2011?” fans.

  2. “The Offender”
    I noticed this type of fan at a Port Vs Glenelg game a couple of years ago whilst at the northern forward pocket in close proximity to the bar caravan.
    There were a few in the Port cheer squad who “security” wanted to kick out but didn’t have the guts to do it so they got the cops and even a few Star Force turned up. They promptly sent one or two home ( one was having a major blue with the missus) and we had a brief chat to a couple of the cops who said it’s a good way to action some outstanding warrants, not sure how serious they were but if I borrow a Sam Kekovich line “You know it makes sense”

  3. The Avenging Eagle is an our boys/unquestioning loyalty/my country – right or wrong kind of fan.
    I start out loyal with a lot of Carn Eagles, but my barracking can change a lot with the course of the game. There are ‘saints’ readily forgiven lapses like St Eric, St Matt and St Beau (lapsed) – and sinners like NicNait and Jack who regularly get bakes for straying from the path I have laid down for them.
    Shuey is in the early stages of the redemption journey.
    One thing that AE and I have in common is that we are regular churchgoers who only miss mass for serious illness or family duties. As the Dockers and Eagles are always ‘sold out’ games as the membership is as big as the stadium, attendance can fluctuate alarmingly with form and the weather. Most clubs have a solid core and many who only attend for Christmas and other festive seasons. Like the AFL there are no Good Fridays for them.
    I am sure I could come up with a whole list of fan categories based on church hierarchy (Sharrod has been banished from the temple for fiddling).

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