Picture research- what is involved

By Roy Hay Last week Les Shorrock, the doyen of Victorian football (soccer) photographers, who worked for Soccer Action and the Age among others, sent me a copy of a picture from his files that he was unable to identify. It showed five players in action, three from one club and two from another. It [Read more]

Olympic Park Report

It was a fitting end to O Park. The PA didn’t work a couple of times, I couldn’t read my program in the grandstand because the overhead lights above me were broken and it was a disappointingly low crowd.  The athletics was good for most of the night, but built to outstanding quality over the [Read more]

How Lost Was My Archive?

NEW NARRATIVE POSSIBILITIES IN AUSTRALIAN FOOTBALL HISTORIES The recent developments in the digitization of library archives have profoundly affected the researching of sport history in Australia and beyond. Some images, facts and data once buried are now easily accessible via simple on-line searches. We no longer need to trust the factual accuracy of the Turners, [Read more]

Customer Relations NFL Style

Mulcaster provided this state of the art example of customer relations in American professional sports. We suspect that felt good.

Farewell to the Big O

For someone who has spent much of my life fascinated and enthralled by sport, there are still many things I don’t get.  Near the top of the list is why the sporting public can be enthused and excited by track and field each Olympic Games, but doesn’t turn up to good quality track and field [Read more]

Crio’s Q: The changing face of sporting etiquette

I’m interested in how sporting etiquette changes over time. Golf, for example, is a game of great disciplines and accepted protocol. When did players walking out the “front” (lip) of bunkers become acceptable? This was never allowed in my recollection, but has become commonplace – I saw a caddie lend a club to help wrench [Read more]

GIGA BITES 2 – Director’s Cut

Below is a significantly extended version of Giga Bites, which appeared in the Saturday Age on 12th February, 2011.   by Andrew Gigacz   DRAWING A LONG (SUPER) BOW(L) Super Bowl XLV was played this week and the Green Bay Packers’ winning score of 31 should have come as no surprise, especially given the fact [Read more]

Bring on the footy. PLEASE

by Tony Robb Now that the summer sports caravans have packed up and moved north I felt it was time to reflect on a few of the not so published happenings of recent months. While CA and FA have been suitably chastened for their collective ineptitude I believe that a few other individuals and teams [Read more]

Poker- A sport, surely not

By Domenic Favata A recent documentary on ESPN about Poker caught my eye, a documentary that compared poker to sport. Currently, the Australian Poker tournament is underway at Crown and it was interesting listening to the comments of the “world’s best” poker players. This initial tag by the hostess made me laugh, but she was [Read more]

Tennis, snoring and the punt: a reflection

A few years ago, when I was writing Memoirs of a Mug Punter, I got in to a lovely routine. I’d start writing just after AM finished and stick at it (with occasional glances at the form guide) until midday or so. Then I’d have a bit of lunch. On a good day: left-over pizza. [Read more]

Cobba’s Big Tennis Adventure

Let me take you back to March 2008. I was surfing the net looking at various sport sites. I came across the Australian Open website which looked like it hadn’t been updated since a day after the tournament ended. However there was one new story on the list. It read “Australian Open Ballkid Applications Now [Read more]

Wrestle with this

by Phil Dimitriadis I’ve noticed that there are some not so ‘closet’ wrestling fans on the Almanac site. I found this excellent article (click on the link below) that is well worth a read, particularly for its focus on the history of Wrestling in Australia. I will write a follow up soon on the symbolism, [Read more]

JTH’s Writing Seminar

Hey peeps! So I thought id give u a look at what took place in my folder during the writing seminar at JTH’s house. After venturing through the forest (also known as the garden) in heels (not recommended) and meeting John’s very pretty wife and adorable children, the chatting and learning began. I’m pretty sure [Read more]

Know your tennis crowd

Melbourne is abuzz with the excitement of The Australian Open. Well. Sort of. Channel 7 tells us it is, and Channel 7 is abuzz with tennis, and hilariously funny gaffs which allow Todd Woodbridge to liken himself to S.K. Warne (Todd Woodbridge is like S.K. Warne the way Maggie Thatcher is like Juliet Binoche). Yes, [Read more]

Tennis Nations

There is an old saying that “Tennis brings out the crazy in us”. Okay. I’ll be honest it’s not a real saying. I just made it up. But it is true nevertheless. Tennis is such a fanatical and passionate sport. It is something about the Australian Open that makes the fans go crazy. It might [Read more]

Call the cops?

A mistake obviously. But also a revelation of true opinions about the dominance of the Rog/Raffa show? Would a Federer loss to anyone else really loot the tournament? Picture courtesy of Dave Bruce

Federer Fever

For most of the class of 2010, the week leading up to the Australian Open was pretty stressful. Monday 17th of January meant two things. It was the day university offers came out and it was also the start of the 2011 Australian Open. Monday came and I didn’t watch any tennis, I got home [Read more]

Open Day at Flinders Park

by Rod Oaten One of my favourite days of the sporting calendar is day one of the Australian Open. No-one’s been beaten, and from the the player with the lowest ranking, who dreams of a major upset, to one of the top dogs, everyone is in with a chance. Unlike last year, when the weather was [Read more]

Almanac Rugby League: Tough times in Goodna

John Harms wrote this piece about Goodna at the time of the major floods in 2011.

There is hope

By Damian O’Donnell Recently on this forum John Harms asked “What has happened to the world?”  He made the point that we live in a world where “the disingenuous thrive, where mendacity is trumps…..” and he lays a lot of the blame at the feet of “rum-fart academics who have been seduced by the faddish [Read more]