Myth and Reality in the Common Wealth

“… the Commonwealth Games are Australia’s gift to the weaker nations of the region…” Perry Crosswhite – Head of the Australian Commonwealth Games Association. It is tempting to write off a comment like this as just another entry to the Sir Les Patterson School of Australian diplomatic niceties, but it does seem pertinent to the [Read more]


By Alex Wadelton I ran onto the MCG devastated. The last ten months of training, wasted. Legs like concrete, pain coursing through my veins, and my goal of running a sub three-hour marathon gone. One lap on the mighty G, thousands of people of cheering and all I could think of was failure. With fifty [Read more]

The Title Fight

In 1962, the boxing heavyweight champion, Floyd Patterson, finally met with one of the toughest heavyweight contenders on the circuit, Sonny Liston. Liston was one of the most disparaged and reviled figures, not only in the fight game, but in American popular culture. His criminal rap sheet and background as an impoverished, sullen brawler was [Read more]

Rising to the Occasion

Coaches, fans and footballers always say that good players perform during finals. So far this year that has been true with the regular names bobbing up with great stats and obvious influence in the fight. I think there are players who run onto the field and know they are going to dominate, such is their [Read more]

Not yet Tied, But Testing

It started when Tony Abbott won the toss and decided to bat. The pitch had a bit of movement in it, but with careful application there were runs to be had. The opponent was disheveled having just changed captains following a bloody coup some two months before. The previous captain left reluctantly after an emotive [Read more]

Victorian Women’s Lacrosse

Lacrosse is a very small sport in Australia. There are two forms – men’s and women’s – and the rules are quite different, with the men’s game being much more physical. My exposure to the sport has been limited to the women’s game, through my children’s participation, so this article is confined to that form [Read more]

Beware an All Black

It is often said that a nation’s sporting teams are a reflection of the nation itself. While stereotyping nationality is fraught with obvious dangers, not least being ridiculously generalised, there seems to be a reasonable body of evidence to suggest that the way in which a team goes about their work does indeed reflect the [Read more]

Nightmare in Sleepy Hollow

by Daniel O’Sullivan There is a particularly vivid nightmare that has been keeping Cats fans awake all season.  The dream takes place in the summer months when the desperation for new football stories becomes so all-encompassing that Dane Swan’s latest tattoo disaster gets saturation coverage. After much conjecture and innuendo surrounding his future, Geelong’s favourite [Read more]

Book Review: Voices from Brisbane Rugby League

This review was previously publiashed in Queensland Labour History Review of Greg Mallory, Voices from Brisbane Rugby League: Oral Histories from the 50s to the 70s, Boolarong Press 2009 Greg Mallory, and his editor, Gail Cartwright, are to be congratulated for adding to our archive of oral history collections. Like all such works, this [Read more]

The Scourge of ICPS

Eric Ellis, Bangkok I NOW KNOW that I first developed symptoms during the 1994 World Cup, waiting for a plane at Chengdu airport in central China. What I didn’t know is that I was catching ICPS, International Couch Potato Syndrome, an exotic lurgy that has infected so many road warriors – usually blokes – in [Read more]

Well played that man

I hope that Almanac community can allow a little indulgence on my behalf as I share with you a story that I’m sure many of you have similarly experienced as parents. It might also go some way to explaining to the uninitiated why golf is the most addictive sport ever invented. I’ve got two kids, [Read more]

The Real Costs and Benefits of Mega Sports Events

The pattern is the same the world over. A bid is announced for a major sporting event. Politicians and businessmen roll out figures and rationalisations as to why we’ll all benefit from investment of the public purse in the acquisition of said event. If the bid should prove successful, then heaven and earth is moved to ensure things run [Read more]

Sport Talk Points To Julia

We live in interesting times: Julia Gillard is the national leader. She was born in Wales, the home of Bread of Heaven, which is what we’re all looking for really. They say rugby is the game played in heaven. It is certainly the game of the Gryffs and Myfs, but the Gillards immigrated to Australia, [Read more]

Wimbledon 2010 Forum

70-68. That’s a basketball score right? Or a Saints v Sydney game? Vital statistics Match duration: 11 hours, five minutes Fifth set duration: Eight hours, 11 minutes Total number of games: 183 Fifth set number of games: 138 Total number of points: 980 Isner aces: 112 Mahut aces: 103 Combined aces: 215 Isner winners: 246 [Read more]


Watching little of the World Cup ( it’s on at work so it hard to avoid ) has got me thinking about how a few changes would enhance the spectacle, not only of soccer, but many other sports as well. So I’ve put a couple of ideas down for your degustation outlining what I feel [Read more]

Footy’s Final Frontier

The AFL’s relentless push into new territory is a little bit reminiscent of the Americans planting a stars and stripes flag on the surface of the moon. Boldly going where no code has gone before, whether you like it or not. Outer space is pretty much the only region that hasn’t yet felt the sensation [Read more]

GWS and NRL Converts- The Bigger Picture

I am by no means surprised by the negative reaction to Folau’s signing.  Not too long ago I completed a Master’s thesis about the commercialisation of sport and the impact this has had on the sporting community.  I wrote about how games were once an expression of the people, where citizens gathered for a common [Read more]

Can he make the step?

It’s been a contrasting week for Israel. One has had a shocker while the other has landed a nice earner with GWS. I leave debate about the former as one should never talk about politics and sport in the same thread, FINA and IOC corruption withstanding. Instead, I invite discussion on the latter as the [Read more]

Tennis: The more things change…

by Andrew Gigacz It’s just over four months since Sam Stosur bowed out of the Australian Open. You might remember Stosur’s brave but ultimately unsuccessful effort against Serena Williams. But you could hardly be blamed for not being able to recall it. Why? Because as that exciting match was unfolding, the Seven Network, in their [Read more]

Killing the goose that laid the golden egg?

In light of the future expansion of sporting teams in Melbourne I was wondering if the “sports capital of the world” may be starting to spread itself a little thinly and start to test the capital’s reputation for turning up to anything including the opening of an envelope. Mondays night’s attendance of 55,000 to what [Read more]