The Don Bradman letter: a response for book donations

Don Bradman responds to request for Book donations

Don Bradman responds to request for Book donations

Please click on the image above to read the letter in full.

A beautiful response from The Don to requests for book donations, displaying his financial thriftiness.


  1. Richard Smith says

    In the early 1980s, I was a member of a cricket club at the university of Toronto. One of the members wrote to “The Don” and asked if he would be a patron of the club. He wrote back very graciously agreeing to do so. Perhaps as it was at no cost.
    This letter certainly makes the message clear.

  2. Bradman loved the coin & always had one eye firmly focused on the profits!

  3. Peter Flynn says

    Fair indent!

  4. Great letter. Made me think Bradman was wise – not mean (but I guess you can be both).
    “Almanac Admin” putting it up made me think of how little most of us readers contribute for the amazing amount of time, moiney, skill and work that goes into structuring,maintaining and editing this wonderful forum.
    Maybe DG Bradman is JTH’s latest nom-de-plume?

  5. Scott McIntyre says

    Bradman was not everybody’s cup of tea, but we do need to give some leeway to those people who find themselves in a unique position in life. Bradman replied to every letter he ever got from a fan, spending hours every day personally writing up to 80 or 90 letters. It is estimated that around a million people have received a personally typed or hand-written letter from DG Bradman. Regardless of what you think of the man, that’s an extraordinarily generous and conscientious effort on his part.

    Even if only 1 percent of the correspondence he received was asking him to give something for nothing, that’s a lot of begging letters.

  6. I think you might be onto something PB re JTH becoming the Don in this regard. An amazing amount of work must go into the whole Almanac world. And PB – not sure if you will continue to read this thread, but can you stop sending spam emails from one of your email accounts!!!! (I hope you know it has been compromised).

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