Lionel Rose Radio Tribute

The Goodna Footy Floods of 2011

THE GOODNA FOOTY FLOODS of 2011 by Tony Caswell (or TC, The Goodna Gunna) The river came up, and the rain came down A playing field of green, became a slush of brown The footballs are gone, along with tackling bags All the teams jerseys, are now muddied rags Gary, the President, he carried the [Read more]

Sporting achievements to be proud of

by Jill Scanlon Sport – It’s part of being an Australian. In saying this, I mean no disrespect to those who prefer the Arts, music, literature and the like – not that these are mutually exclusive to sport. But Australians by-and-large truly are brought up with a healthy respect and enthusiasm for sporting endeavour and [Read more]

Seve: a shot of genius

The many obituaries devoted to golfing legend Seve Ballesteros are rightfully glowing. No golfer was more cavalier than Seve. And no golfer was more fearless than Seve. Very few if any golfers possess the mental and physical capabilities to win Open Championships from car parks. Check out the link below. Physically, Seve’s skill largely [Read more]

A young bloke having a go

The news of the passing of Lionel Rose was very sad indeed and brought back a few memories.   I was appointed to Yallourn North Primary School in the early 1960’s and every now and then I would head back to Melbourne for the odd weekend.  One Sunday afternoon on my way back to Yallourn I [Read more]

Ron Casey’s call of the Rose-Harada fight in `68

Folks (radio link follows) In tribute to Lionel Rose….. have a listen to this call of the last round and the decision of his world title fight with Fighting Harada in Tokyo in 68 I was 14 at the time and listened to it broadcast down a phone line from Tokyo on my transistor. I think I [Read more]

Ronnie’s 147

April 21, 1997. I’m playing pool with Previous Ann in a smoky Galway boozer. Previous again demonstrates her prowess on the baize by nailing the black. I’m left to ponder how I’ve been rolled again. She can play this girl. Sadly, I can’t. Discussion quickly turns to the prospect of devouring chips and curry sauce [Read more]

Stawell – The Hush

John’s story about Ken Trewick was a ripper and it brought to mind many happy memories of Stawell from a time long past. While Trewick’s story is, was and always will be part of the folklore of Stawell it made me think about the thousands of runners who, over the past 130 years or so, [Read more]

Stawell Dreaming

Something is stirring. It might be because the leaves are fading to nothing in the trees, it might be the chill that greets me each morning as I open the front door and toss the tea leaves onto the camellias, or it might be something from within; something that won’t go away. About now the [Read more]

Time for a change, Andrew

 by Bob Utber After spending an enthralling 10 hours (yes, I watched the replay just in case!) watching the final round of The Masters at Augusta I believe that Andrew Demetriou must make some urgent changes to this year’s Grand Final. We already have one momentous change playing the big game in October but I [Read more]

Masters Tension Evokes Memeories

Memories are funny things. They can flicker at the edge of your mind like a light bulb in the cellar. Others shine stronger than the brightest star in the sky, special moments that take your breath away out of sheer horror or sheer joy. One of the brightest memories I have occurred in April 1996. [Read more]

US Masters – live

This is phenomenal. Adam Scott has just lost his second t the 15 th tirght, and Tiger has just hit a half-OK second tot he 18th. A stack of players within one shot of Adam Scott at -11. And a few moe within two! Jason Day just missed from 5 feet at 14. He looked [Read more]

F1 Grand Prix: Should our nation’s most prestigious motor racing event be axed?

By Damian Watson The Australian Formula One Grand Prix has been previously touted as the pinnacle of international sporting events staged across the country, however the sanctity of the race has been questioned and threatened in recent years. As a result of dwindling crowds, significant financial consequences and angst amongst local residents and politicians, the [Read more]

Burning Down the House (or ways fans celebrate sporting success)

One of my favourite stories of fans celebrating a premiership is what Parramatta fans did in 1981 after the team won its first premiership in the old Sydney Rugby League comp: they burnt the old home ground down! Parramatta’s rickety, old, ‘country showground’  home, Cumerland Oval, was slated to be replaced by a new ‘stadium’…that night, the jubilant fans decided [Read more]


Different things stir our spirit; reach into our soul. What stirs mine may not stir you. I suppose it’s what makes the world go around. Recently on this site Peter Flynn wrote about the mighty Black Caviar. The sight of it powering away from its rivals obviously captured him. I can understand that. A horse [Read more]

The making of a Swannies fan

by David Butler I am the Sydney equivalent of a “Broadie Boy”, brought up amongst the factories and workshops of western Sydney. I spent the seventies negotiating the bland tarmac between  brutal suburban Rugby League grounds. Belmore Oval, Leichhardt Oval, Redfern Oval and Cumberland Oval. I watched as the first scrum erupted, as always, with [Read more]

Apologies in Advance

In a misguided gesture of good will, last week I decided to volunteer to fill in a place on the school swim team for an upcoming inter school competition. This was promoted by the desperation on the face of the girl attempting to recruit Year 12s from our homeroom and the rude shock I received [Read more]

Why we all need a Clive the Concierge

Tickets to the English Premier League are a hot commodity.  Tickets to the Premier League between teams occupying the ‘big four’ are even hotter with most games sold out well in advance.  However, with a little persistence and a constant ear to the ground tickets can be sourced.  What do you think the chances are [Read more]

Do Real Sports Cry?

Craig Little provided this link to an Atlantic piece on crying in sport. Do we still regard it as unmanly? Surely we’ve moved on in these “enlightened” times? To judge from elements of this article, the debate in the USA hasn’t entirely advanced. What do you think Knackers?

Hidden gems

by Dips O’Donnell About twenty years ago I worked for a business called Visy Pack. The Visy Pack factory was next door to Visy Board which was a major part of Richard Pratt’s packaging empire. Visy Pack was situated at the end of Edwards Street in Reservoir just down the road from Edwards Lake. The [Read more]