My illusion

The Geelong Football Club has had two rather large wins over the past two weeks, both at Kardinia Park. You could say of the first, against Melbourne, the oldest of rivals, that it had quite an impact. And of the second, against the Gold Coast, that Guy McKenna was lucky to keep his job. (Which [Read more]

round 19: haiku bob – slipstreaming

This week’s match report comes from Budapest in Hungary where I attended the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Fascinating city. Wonderful race. And another Magpie victory.   practice session — every one of Cloke’s kicks is a goal     safety car — Prismall’s knee collapses at the first turn     slipstreaming – Pendlebury moves [Read more]

Roller coaster, Dees style

  by Simon Dobbie All right. As everyone’s favourite Melbourne supporter, I’m sure you’ve all been waiting with baited breath for my take on the Geelong game and Bailey sacking.  (deep breath) Where do I start then? OK, the game. I am still speechless about it to be honest. The thought of it just prompts an [Read more]

For the record(s)…the ones created at Kardinia Park on Saturday

If you didn’t view the carnage at KP on Saturday, you can view each goal – blow by blow – here. For the more statistically orientated amongst us, read on… 1. The only match where a team scored 50 points or more each quarter.Hawthorn in round 20, 1992 v Essendon scored 55,55,57 and 49. Fitzroy [Read more]

When the Demons Lost Respect

Sometimes individuals, teams, and organisations get ahead of themselves. Geelong used to be accused of that. Players were big fish in a small pond. Win, lose or draw, they were feted. Success at the highest level was always dreamed of, but having a team in the VFL/AFL was good enough in Sleepy Hollow. The fact [Read more]

No Harmony For Dees

I’ve got a touch of the flu at present. That dreaded winter flu that hangs around like a fart in church. I thought I had it tossed last week and as a result maybe pushed things a bit hard. It came back at me on Friday with particular viciousness; roaring red throat, headaches, enormous lethargy. [Read more]

Footy is like a meat pie

Standing Room is your stock standard pie ‘n sauce – and it’s my favourite choice on the footy menu.  Crowded standing room, with your Pies mates, a few beers (and a Four ‘n Twenty, of course), a few opposition fans (but not too many), plenty of banter and some good natured insults.  You get the [Read more]

The tradition continues

Father/Son/Grandson bonding day at the “G” for the Essendon v Collingwood game. It actually started about 30 years ago and the first time we got together was at Victoria Park. The grandson for reasons that still puzzle me, decided to barrack for the Magpies, Dad and I, Don tragics.   When these “blockbusters” were staged at [Read more]

Crisis = Opportunity

  by Andrew Gigacz So, Bailey’s been bumped as Demon coach. I can see the headlines now: “BAILS FAILS” “DEMON EXORCISED” “HUMILIATING DEFEAT NAILS BAILS” The call has already gone out on the Twitterverse for the Demons to pursue Malthouse at all costs. But I’m still focussing on this year. Melbourne are still only a [Read more]

Stevie da Vinci

Both sets of fans trudged out of Kardinia Park disappointed. Melbourne supporters had to swallow their team’s sheer ineptitude, insipidness, lack of effort, lack of spirit and lack of pride. One Demon, who was harder to understand than a Glaswegian bus driver, took solace in the fact that he attended the 36.22.(238) to 6.12.(48) debacle [Read more]

Atlas Shrugged

What do you say about a game like that?  Eagles brilliant for 70 minutes.  Legless for 40.  Gutsy for 10.  We’ll take the 4 points, but otherwise hard to say what it means for September prospects. The game came down to run and clearances.  The Eagles had it all until 10 minutes into the 3rd [Read more]

North Melbourne v Carlton

29 July 2011 Friday night has started well. My four-year old daughter has been to swimming lessons. In the warm ups she was keeping pace with me as we kicked our first laps. This means that either I am slow, or she is quick. I’m putting my money on a combination of the two. We [Read more]

The Vikings are coming, the Vikings are coming…..

On Thursday the Vikings arrived in the form of the parents of the bride.  Zamir’s son is getting married on the 7th August to a lovely Swedish girl he met in Thailand.  My daughter and I visited the family in Sweden in January while on our adventure, so we met these good and friendly people, [Read more]

Excitement gives way to disappointment

Friday and I’m a mixture of emotions. Excited, nervous, full of anticipation. It is a foreign feeling, that’s for sure. And it shouldn’t be. Why oh why does the AFL hate us? Why do we receive dead-rubber Sunday evening games all the time? Why do we never get full exposure on national television? We get [Read more]

Sal’s Tips: Round 19

I commented last week on the British Open victory by a fat bloke who dealt with the conditions as they were presented, I think exactly the same can be said of Cadel Evans who dealt with the weather, the mountains and the competition as they were presented.  He has changed since his runners up efforts [Read more]